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  1. Site Move

    From the Netherlands All works fine en Speed-up Dave :-)
  2. (M34) Auto Welcome Members

    julieW8 Reupload the files and Rebuild Master Skin Data
  3. Garage System v3.2.0

    Thanks Master Michael, Dave
  4. Invisionboard sites down all over the net?

    no go to http://community.invisionpower.com/ al works fine
  5. When will you upgrade to IPB 3.2?

    i have 5 board. One never, 1.3.1 one upgreded to ipb 3.2.1 the 2 if your mods are upgrading to IPB. 3.2.1 cant upgrade waiting for IP.links is not upgrade :wacko: And the last forum runs on Vb latest O
  6. Garage System v3.0.2 Update

    Thanks Michael
  7. Videos System v2.0.3 Update

    Thanks for the update :flowers:
  8. IPB3 Garage System v3.0.1 Update

    I only mis image resize :thumbsup:
  9. 2 x Donation tracker

    on topic :poke:
  10. 2 x Donation tracker

    Thanks Michael Wil tike Garage System for testing. I always like your mods
  11. 2 x Donation tracker

    the Copyright removal for the Donation tracker $ 15.00 wat is the price for 2 x Donation tracker and Copyright removal. thanks