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  1. I think this must be a bug though... under the different color blocks, it's says it changes the background to that color. And it works for all of them except the white option. When I click the white option, it makes the background black, not white. I successfully fixed this before using custom.css... I'll try that again now that I know the class involved. Perhaps that will over-ride it. I'll also see if I can make the change as you suggest. With respect, I'd like to suggest in future updates an option to make the form with a white background and black text just as it is on pages everywhere else. Thanks again, Michael!
  2. I need to add information about the service the customer will be buying on the form above the form fields. I also need to add a photo there. The only way I can see to do this is by entering the information in the "Form Rules" section. I'd like this section to look like the rest of my site, with a white background and black text. But apparently I can only select various colors for the background, with white text. Is there a way to change this to a white background and black text? If I have to use the custom.css style sheet in the templates section of Admin, what are the IDs or classes of the things I need to change? I tried using Firefox's Inspector but I can't figure it out.
  3. Ah! No I don't. I didn't know that setting existed. Thanks very much, Michael!
  4. I recently upgraded Forms on my site. I've been under spam attack for the last week by a spambot using the contact form as a guest. I logged in as a guest and saw that the Captcha wasn't appearing for guests. It is appearing for members of all categories, but not for guests. I checked the form settings and the guest group permissions, and both are set to NOT bypass Captcha. I deleted the contact form and created a new one hoping the new build would fix the problem. But again, when I log in as a guest, Captcha doesn't appear at all. How can I get the Captcha to appear for guests using the contact form?
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