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    media got a reaction from rapbyone in IP.Board 4.5 Update   
    I am a little confused
    Are we going to wait until this Packaged & Released OR this is it:  Checked & Updated 
    Please let me know
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    media reacted to Saurabhjain in IP.Board 4.5 Update   
    waiting for videos in green
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    media reacted to Michael in IP.Board 4.4.x Upgrade   
    I'll prioritize this app for you. Should be released within the next few days.
    The Videos was checked and updated but I have not packaged it up and release it yet. That should be done within the next day or two.
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    media reacted to Michael in IP.Board 4.4.x Upgrade   
    IP.Board 4.4.x will require more substantial changes than the v4.2 and v4.3 updates required. So I will be going through all my applications and plugins to confirm compatibility and fix issues where needed. As it stands, I expect most of my major applications and some plugins will require new updates to be compatible with IP.Board 4.4.x.
    Compatibility Issues
    Several applications and a few plugins have critical errors in IP.Board 4.4.x. Primarily major applications that store content items like videos and the collections apps for example. The remainder have had some performance improvements that IPB 4.4.x recommends applied to them. I've checked over the basic functionality of each app or plugin to make sure there were no remaining issues with IP.Board 4.4.x.
    Bugs & New Features
    As with previous updates, I can't focus on both compatibility and adding new features and bugs. There are a few exceptions that I'll note in the release notes but the majority are just compatibility with IP.Board 4.4.x.
    Update List
    Advertise By Country                                                   Auto Lock Topics                                                       Auto Merge Exclusions                                                  Auto Welcome                                                           Basic Points                                                           Betting Topics                                                         Birthday Greeter                                                       Bulk Mail Our Picks                                                    Calendar Topics                                                        Collections                                                             Copyright Removal                                                      Customer Rewards                                                       Days Quit                                                              Deal Topics                                                            Donate Sidebar                                                         Donations                                                              Download Post Images                                                   Downloads FTP Mirror                                                   Enhanced Status Updates Widget                                         Expire PM Attachments                                                  External Links                                                         Followed Content Last Post                                             Format Tags                                                            Forms                                                                  Forum Adverts                                                          Forum Logos                                                            Forum Status                                                           Forum Table Header                                                     Friendly Number Format                                                 Geolocation Firewall                                                   Guest Message                                                          Highlight Linked Posts                                                 Hold Validating Members                                                                                                Limit Emoticons Allowed                                            Live Topics                                                            Members Teams                                                          Messages                                                             Moderate Updated Content                                               New Member Follow-up                                                   New Purchase PM                                                        News                                                                   Pages Category URL                                                     PGN Chess Viewer                                                       Portal                                                                 Profile Fields Group Change                                            Profile Photos & Covers                                                Purchase Goal                                                          Random Logos                                                                                                                  Recent Purchases                                                       Reply Post Template                                                    Secondary Group Display                                                Sidebar Poll                                                           Text Adverts                                                           Thumbs Rating                                                          Timeslips                                                              Top Customers                                                          Topic Attach Thumbnails                                                Topic Category & Website                                               Topic Episode Format                                                   Topic Icons                                                            Topic Video                                                            Unique Profile Fields                                                  ********Users Homepage********                                                         Videos                                                                 Who Followed Permissions Lazy Load Videos (Lazy load of videos now included by default) Rebuild Tools (Option to rebuild existing images included by default)     Legend
    Not Yet Started | Packaged & Released | Checked & Updated | Obsolete in IP.Board 4.4.x
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    media reacted to Michael in New Releases (March 2018)   
    There might be some small but crucial changes to content items like the Videos and Comments. So I wouldn't recommend upgrading your live site just yet until I've at least confirmed it's okay. But I agree, I doubt there will be many changes now so I will probably be starting updates before 4.3.0 final is out.
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    media got a reaction from Michael in IP.Board 4.2 Updates   
    Just tested in my test board with 4.2.3 IPB and latest video build...
    I have added this: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/161695373
    It worked...
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    media reacted to MrOneCall of FGN in IP.Board 4.2 Updates   
    Ok i found what was wrong
    i had used the wrong update, lol
    i updated the right file out of the downloads here...and now it works fine
    thank you for your help @media
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    media reacted to MrOneCall of FGN in IP.Board 4.2 Updates   
    Can you show me how you set up your media site setting in the acp?
    I have done both for Twitch & Vidme and i keep getting the error
    I use 4.2.4
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    media reacted to MrOneCall of FGN in IP.Board 4.2 Updates   
    any way videos can get its own custom block widget for featured videos, instead of the one that's only on the front page of the app??
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    media reacted to Michael in IP.Board 4.2 Updates   
    As soon as IPB 4.2 is out of the way, I'll be focusing on new features again.
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    media reacted to Michael in DevFuse IP.Board 4 Upgrade   
    I'm happy to announce that the DevFuse website and forums have now been upgraded to IP.Board 4.
    2017 Plans
    Now that this upgrade has been completed, I will be focusing on bug fixing updates and upgrades to my existing applications and plugins once again. I also have many new applications and plugins built, that I'll be releasing in the coming months.
    Products / Customers Areas
    These areas needed to be custom built again for IP.Board 4. I've tested as much as I could but if you notice any problems, please contact me.
    Bug Tracker
    The bug tracker will be disabled until I can find an IPB4 solution. I've still got a copy of the existing bug reports and they will be still fixed in upcoming bug fixing updates. Temporary bug tracker is available here.
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    media reacted to Brian Klein in A Personal Moment of Reflection   
    That's exactly what we are doing, Mike is just great for what he does, he's been helping us trim back but maintain the important things we need to run smoothly! This man and his work are amazing. Mike if you do ever get around to this, thank you!
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    media reacted to hawksfan in A Personal Moment of Reflection   
    Well said.
    I've been using his stuff for some time now & while I have slowly been trimming back the third party apps on my site, Devfuse is one of only 2 developers that I just won't go away from. So I'll add my thanks as well. :)
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    media got a reaction from Michael in Donate Sidebar   
    I guess there is something wrong with your attitude: Support replied your request: Michael, on 17 Apr 2016 - 7:45 PM
    For me it is kind of F A S T....
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    media reacted to Brian Klein in A Personal Moment of Reflection   
    In, 2015:
    I know this is a bit different as normally it would fit under a product review, or in the much anticipated and highly sought after comment sections; but, I wanted to single handedly, with an ear to the ground; say thanks – to Mr. John, for all his hard work and effort here at Devfuse – I sit here and reflect on everything that has been accomplished over the years by his magical little fingers, as I realize I use a lot of his products, and use them quite frequently, I feel his work deserved some praise, a gay-ish chime of glee – it is not often one hears the good side of news or work they create, as usually, in more-often-than-not, encounters are usually disrupted, by only those angry thoughts in the dark.
    Mike, thank you for all your hard work and knowledge, your customer service is outstanding – your response times are amazing. May your 2016 be even more adventurous
    Kind Regards,
    Brian (Humanastory!)
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    media got a reaction from The Old Man in DevFuse December 2015   
    Let's have a solid rock 2016 all together... :)
    Thank you Michael... :)
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    media reacted to Michael in DevFuse December 2015   
    First off I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and to have a happy and safe New Year holidays as well. It's been a big year with a focus on upgrading all my modifications for IP.Board 4 but I wanted to also give a preview of what's coming in 2016.
    IP.Board 4 Upgrades
    All IP.Board 3.4.x modifications have been upgraded to work with IP.Board 4 and are offered as a free upgrade for those who have an active subscription. There are a few minor changes in each modification, so it's best to confirm before you upgrade.
    New Releases
    There's been several new plugins and applications in 2015 since IP.Board 4 was released and a full list can be found below:
    Expire PM Attachments Basic Points External Links Reply to status update widget Forum Logos Friendly Number Format  
    DevFuse in 2016
    The IP.Board 4 release will bring new plugins and applications over 2016. Be sure to keep an eye on our website, Twitter or Facebook feeds to keep updated on each new release as it comes. There are a few major applications in the works that I'm especially excited to release towards the second quarter of 2016.
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    media reacted to Michael in IP.Board 4 Upgrade Status   
    I've created this topic to keep everyone updated on the status of each mods compatibility with IP.Board 4. Like previous upgrades I have no set order of upgrade or estimates on when each modification will be upgraded. Like before no new features will be added until after all modifications are upgraded, this way I don't get bogged down testing new features.
    Here is a list of the modifications that will be upgraded:
    Auto Welcome Donate Sidebar Guest Message Portal Sidebar Poll Donations Forms Videos Collections/Garage System (See here) Birthday Greeter Messages Calendar Topics News Timeslips Custom Modifications
    In regards to custom apps/hooks/plugins that need upgrading to IPB4 or new modifications to be created. They should be able to start around 1-2 weeks after my existing modifications have been completed. Right now my best estimate is mid May 2015.
    Status Legend: Completed - In Progress -  Not Yet Started
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    media reacted to mediapac in My plans for IP.Board 4   
    For me is the best Adon ever the Video System can i hope renew for the 4.0 version?
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    media reacted to Michael in My plans for IP.Board 4   
    Mass upgrades haven't started yet but I'll have more on this once beta 3 is out and hopefully the developer side is sorted.
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    media got a reaction from Michael in Display ad below the video.   
    I have just did it on my site...
    here how you can do it...
    You need to edit a skin file under your default skin
    Look and Feel > Default skin (Or your choice of skin)  > skin_videos > videoVieW
    Adding a banner on the top of the VIDEO
    Find this bit:
    <div class='ipsBox_container ipsPad'> Add your code after above code...
    Adding a banner below the video
    Find this bit:
    {parse template="videoDisplay" group="videos" params="$video"} </if> </div>< Add your banner code after above code...
    Please be careful if you are not comfortable to edit a skin file find someone to do it for you...
    Good Luck...
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    media got a reaction from Michael in Display ad below the video.   
    If you want to center you video under video or over the video, do not forget to use center tag and place your video between... look at the sample code below...
    <center>banner code</center>
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    media got a reaction from Michael in Todat is my Birthday   
    Happy birthday :)

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    media got a reaction from Michael in (M34) Sidebar Poll   
    Good job Michael...
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    media got a reaction from Michael in Application Bug Fixing Round   
    Video System works like a charm... Great work Michael... Thanks
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