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  1. [[Template core/front/tables/rows is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] I get this error when viewing a member's (that has a vehicle/item listed) profile page and then clicking All Activity and then clicking Vehicles under the Garage nav bar tab.
  2. It happens with all currencies... My Paypal address is correct. I tried an alt address just to test and same thing happened.
  3. Hi Michael...I am getting an error when using Donate Sidebar 2.3.0 The error happens after a user selects USD and the donate amount and then clicks DONATE NOW. Instead of going to the Paypal page, they grt this error: Any ideas on what is wrong and how to fix?
  4. I see it now! I thought that was the members browsing section at first glance, LOL!! Seems redundant due to the like/react system, though??
  5. Yeah, I can mark vehicles but it doesn't seem to do anything once marked.
  6. @Michael Sorry...this is really buggin me! I can't figure out what Mark Vehicle does??
  7. @Michael What is the Mark Item button for? I have messed around with it but I can't see anything happen when I click it on any vehicles??
  8. Small suggestion for the Collections system...can you add the FOLLOW button to Collections so members can follow items/vehicles in the Collections system?
  9. I just saved my data to a notepad and deleted the app. Then just manually install the new one for 4.5 and re-add your data.
  10. Can I do this edit on the 4.5 version (when i upgrade) as well or will it be included?
  11. Looking good! Contact Us Captcha 1.0.1 is running on my 4.5 test board...will it be upgraded as well or is it fine to keep using on a production board?
  12. Can we start upgrading while on 4.4.10 or is it better to wait until my board is upgraded to 4.5 to upgrade the apps and plugins??
  13. Hi Michael, I know you are busy but I wanted to see if we could get 1 important thing added to this plugin... Can you add the user's forum username to the Paypal notifications so I can tell who donated? Right now, I have to run their email through the admin panel every time! Thanks! RF
  14. Hey guys, I need an image upload plugin like imgBB that allows members to upload to a third party and then have it automatically attach the images to the user's posts. imgBB has a plugin for IPS but it doesn't seem to work and I can't get any support. Just wondering if anyone has seen something similar that would work with IPS? Here is the imgBB version... https://imgbb.com/plugin
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