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  1. Hi Michael, I know you are busy but I wanted to see if we could get 1 important thing added to this plugin... Can you add the user's forum username to the Paypal notifications so I can tell who donated? Right now, I have to run their email through the admin panel every time! Thanks! RF
  2. Hey guys, I need an image upload plugin like imgBB that allows members to upload to a third party and then have it automatically attach the images to the user's posts. imgBB has a plugin for IPS but it doesn't seem to work and I can't get any support. Just wondering if anyone has seen something similar that would work with IPS? Here is the imgBB version... https://imgbb.com/plugin
  3. Michael, any chance of getting the Garage listed in the View New Content screen in IPB 3.2? Right now, you can select new content to be shown from the forums, members, blog, gallery and even tutorials...but not garage.
  4. What other non-IPB products do you work with, Michael?
  5. The upgrade seems to be working great! Thanks, Michael!
  6. Just installed 3.0 and I love it! The new layout is great!
  7. 3.0.5 done! No problems!

  8. Good stuff! I am using it on my board also, but I changed all the language to make it a Wiki system instead of tutorials.
  9. I tried to update this morning, but apparently my server has a RAID problem and is offline for unscheduled maintenance! Uggggh! I guess that is why it is always 99% uptime and not 100%! LOL
  10. I'd name it something cool like "Illudium XP7 Internet Modulator"
  11. Checking the Admin/Mod column means that only an admin or mod can add info to those two fields. Remove the checks and you should be good.
  12. IPS may overlook post icons, but I wonder why they haven't just added topic preview hover like VB? That would be more useful in my opinion!
  13. The Dell seems to be a bit low on memory, but it has one of the best battery capacities according to some of those online reviews!
  14. I'm getting a Dell 10v Netbook (Free with a Cable TV Promo) I don't know if Dell is what it used to be, but I can't complain, it's FREE! LOL
  15. Yes, both bits exist...I also double checked cache permissions and all are set to 777.
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