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  1. i've got some things i'd like to see... although most have already been suggusted.. is this what you mean by hilite image? an image displayed on main garage page and and in listing/search results recently updated menu.. a bit like the side bar hook does.. for teh main tab, is there anyway to get maybe the date and views and other stats put in a smaller bar top or bottom? bit like posts do in the fourm? there not really that important and yet take up some room. image tab be just images rather then the useless data.. on the other hand i'd rather the modification tabs was displayed more like the images are... replaceing image type with maybe the name and description of mod.. and the other things, with cost and rating and stuff..? so you get the description and picture in the tab list view instead of having to click each one.. and better integration, apart from the link in the menu it's as if the garage isn't there... a profile tab, and the option to list your vehicle in your topic profile bar would be awesome... oh and the ability to associate a garage with a topic, maybe be able to select a forum, the users have the ability to select from topics they made in this forum to associate.. or have the option to make a topic with the car details being in the op.. which would then maybe display other uses comments in the thread as comments? and the owner posts displayed as a worklog? on a another tab? and have a hilite image in the forum list... and a random garage vehicle at the top of the forum view... bit like boostcrusing does with some of it's forums..
  2. while a good idea in theory i don't see it making much difference to anything unfortunatly..
  3. needs something like bogeyman is talking aboot too :D

  4. Joshua

    Firefox 4

    sure hope they keep tabs on bottom. not a fan of the tabs on top thing.
  5. got any idea what order you'll be doing the rest of the mods in? just for upgrade planning purposes
  6. i only just upgrade to adsl2... today infact. very happy from 512kb to central line spilter + new modem to come might even get it a bit higher.. that'd be awesome. should tide me over till fibre to home :D
  7. sounds very reasonable then
  8. will 3.0 versions be more expensive? i'm guessing so if you beilve there will be a loop hole?
  9. +1 for when mods are updated. lots of features that will be really nice to have.
  10. finally. a network that's not redundant tech before it's even built 8 years though! i want meh fibre now! lol
  11. through the thread at fusion talking about a time slip system
  12. i installed the beta today... it's nice.. ACP, well i like it, seems a little less organised to me and they OD'ed on the tabs a bit but it's still good. and the rest well it seems simpler which is nice
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