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  1. which language ? from where ? another question, how to select search engine bot skin ? from where and can we use mobile skin for bots ?
  2. if any one can send you pm and start new conversation then you have received email message which have complete pm message. and its by default in IPB 3. how can we stop message in emails ? only members have received which have notification that you have received pm message from xxxx and and a link to login like in ipb 2 thanks
  3. hi, thanks for reply. i have fix it by replacing registerforum content to IPB default skin content. it fix the problem.
  4. its look fine on IPS default skin but not work others skin could any one help to fix this ? thanks
  5. Yes, its only happen on my profile but whats wrong with it :hmm:
  6. Hello, when i visit here today and go to my profile then my browser is HANG. after few minutes it fine then i click another TAB "POSTS" then again HANG And found a script blocked Popup screen. see: Firefox 3.6
  7. Thanks michael issue fix i run this query and problem fix. but what is the issue ? can i install RONG ? because i give it ibf_ table prefix during installation. but i have also try without the table prefix but the problem is same. but now its fix after run this query. (So could it bug in 3.0.4) ? EDIT i m check database index through database index checker i found a problem. i also run the query manually but the message appear again after refresh in dtabase index checker. profile_portal * pp_member_id * Missing index: pp_status Click here to fix this table's indexes, or you can run the following queries manually: * ALTER TABLE profile_portal DROP INDEX pp_status, ADD INDEX pp_status (pp_status( 128 ),pp_status_update)
  8. thanks this help me alot to install any hook. also this help to all newbies like me on IPB3.
  9. when i click to Messenger for viewing PMs i have this error IPS Driver Error. error generated file from cache. =================================================== Date: Sun, 15 Nov 2009 07:27:45 +0000 Error Number: 1054 Error: Unknown column 'mm.map_last_topic_reply' in 'order clause' IP Address: Page: /ipb3/index.php?app=members&module=messaging Debug: array ( 1 => array ( 'file' => 'C:\\wamp\\www\\ipb3\\ips_kernel\\classDb.php', 'line' => 1010, 'function' => 'query', 'class' => 'db_driver_mysql', ), 3 => array ( 'file' => 'C:\\wamp\\www\\ipb3\\admin\\applications\\members\\modules_public\\messaging\\view.php', 'line' => 762, 'function' => 'getPersonalTopicsList', 'class' => 'messengerFunctions', ), 4 => array ( 'file' => 'C:\\wamp\\www\\ipb3\\admin\\applications\\members\\modules_public\\messaging\\view.php', 'line' => 143, 'function' => '_showFolder', 'class' => 'public_members_messaging_view', ), 5 => array ( 'file' => 'C:\\wamp\\www\\ipb3\\admin\\sources\\base\\ipsController.php', 'line' => 291, 'function' => 'doExecute', 'class' => 'public_members_messaging_view', ), ) mySQL query error: SELECT mm.*,mt.*,msg.*,mem.members_display_name FROM ibf_message_topic_user_map mm LEFT JOIN ibf_message_topics mt ON ( mm.map_topic_id=mt.mt_id ) LEFT JOIN ibf_message_posts msg ON ( msg.msg_id=mt.mt_last_msg_id ) LEFT JOIN ibf_members mem ON ( mt.mt_to_member_id=mem.member_id ) WHERE mm.map_user_id=1 AND mm.map_user_active=1 AND mm.map_folder_id='myconvo' ORDER BY mm.map_last_topic_reply DESC LIMIT 0,50 i also apply Josh patch on IPS forum in core.php file but this error not fix. error found on this URL: http://localhost/ipb3/index.php?app=members&module=messaging
  10. http://www.invisionmodding.com/index.php?a...amp;article=592
  11. Feronso

    Good Hosting

    i looked all the host all are too expensive specialy Uks host. Justhost is seems like iPower but i will contact with them and asking the question about sql limitations. thanks
  12. testing emotions :)

  13. Feronso

    Good Hosting

    HostGator have a same configuration as my iPower gave :( hostGator and iPower both are famouse hostings. but they give Unlimited sql package in $240 per year without hosting charges. i means $240 is just for unlimited SQLs quries + connections and $110 for charges ofe yearly hosting with 50Gb space and with unlimited bandwitdh.
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