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  1. It's been working fine for me on two sites.
  2. I use this on 2 of my sites and it is very easy to customize to your needs. So yes, you can create a custom donation method.
  3. For Downloads - you must create Categories and have files to download. Head back to your ACP and create at least one Category for your Downloads.
  4. Outstanding! Thank you.
  5. Yes, it does.
  6. It is working for me in IPB 3.3.1
  7. Very odd - as I updated to 3.3 today and so far mine is working normal. Users are upgraded and PMs are sent.
  8. Any PayPal account email address will work.
  9. I think you have to go into the file \admin\applications_addon\other\donate\sources\hooks.php Under // Latest Donations ( Sidebar ) find $limit = 5; change to $limit = 3; and save. You may have to re-load the hook too.
  10. I had the same issue and this is how Michael answered it. Perfectly logical - but still different that the previous version. "This is now done through the Manage Rewards area. You'll be able to setup your group upgrade based on the donation amount."
  11. It would be great if I could get group promotion and thank you PMs - I am back to doing this manually. With time differences some folks get upset when it takes overnight to upgrade them. Thanks.
  12. You can buy a renewal at anytime - just go to the customer section and click on Renew Now.
  13. Not that big of hurry as I am still waiting on Michael McCune's Tutorial update too. Perhaps in the next couple of weeks? Thanks!