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  1. Thank you Michael. I will play around and test your suggested scenario.
  2. Scenario: Using Auto Welcome PM. - New member enrols successfully and PM gets sent - The new member never deletes the PM - Before deleting the new member, I check the option to delete 'sent PMs' and the auto welcome PM is not listed. The only way I can insure that the welcome PM is removed, is to log on as the member and delete the welcome PM manually. Am I correct?
  3. In autowelcelcome_modules.xml, it is still listed as 2.1.0. At least I know, I upgraded correctly.
  4. I did try the uninstall and re-install method and the admin module version is still 2.1.0. I just left it although I can change it manually to 2.1.1. It is not a big deal - just checking.
  5. I upgraded by uploading the new files. This was followed by running the board's upgrade routine. All is fine save for the one detail. The admin properties still shows 2.1.0. This was viewed by selecting the app in Manage Apps and then selecting Manage Welcome from the next screen. Did I do something wrong? The Manage Apps page shows it is up-to-date.
  6. Happy Birthday sunrisecc!

  7. I have now posted the same in the bug tracker as I was too blind to see a separate tab for the tracker. Sorry.
  8. Loading the home page produces errors such as the following (using IE8).
  9. I upgraded about 12 hours ago. No problems so far, no complaints from my members as yet. So far I have installed three mods - Purge topics from Michael and two from Terabyte. At the same time as the upgrade, I converted my database to utf-8 completely using a free program from Pocha.
  10. I have altered my stance slightly. Not only will I wait at least two weeks after the final is released, I will also wait untilse time issues are rectified.
  11. I'll be upgrading about two weeks after the final is released. This delay will allow for the last-minute bugs in the upgrade procedure are ironed out. I have returned my board to vanilla 2.3.6. I have reduced the max number of PMs to accommodate the PM/PC conversion. The first mod I will incorporate is Michael's Delete Old Topics which I was using since it was available here (pre Dev Fuse). Since my board is still a discussion board, I will not make use of the Reputation system and other amenities that move the board toward a Facebook system. The only part that I have been unable to test so far (need RC1) is the use of private custom fields at registration time. They do not get displayed currently. Any other mods I will use will only be of benefit to me such as tasks that I routinely do. I used to use the one that performed an optimization on the database (monthly). I also will look for a mod/task that purges old members who haven't logged on in a year.
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