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  1. i checked all the settings for each group and it says they can use the pm system [#10227] You are not allowed to use the private messaging system. thats the error i get
  2. nice work man i love this mod wroth every penny
  3. is this like say if someone spams any member hits a report topic button to report to mods script
  4. yea that wallpaper looks nice
  5. i think it looks gg hope it comes out soon i been waitin for a long time for it
  6. is it possblie to add when u donate u get a star next to your name right now i have mine set up by groups and i like it so when a member keeps donaten he gets more stars to choice from and can choice the stars from the earlier donations he did witch can be changed in user control
  7. how about add a spot were u can set how many points the tracker gives at some prices like 10= 250 points or build it to were we can add how much points to give and how much it cost
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