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  1. Easy Topic Moderation problem

    The version is the same, I just changed the name... You need to upload manage.php to admin/applications/forums/modules_public/advanced.
  2. Any way of reseting reputation points?

    TRUNCATE TABLE ibf_reputation_cache; TRUNCATE TABLE ibf_reputation_index; UPDATE ibf_profile_portal SET pp_reputation_points=0;
  3. Update forum last info

    Geez, you're right! After update, those two values has the same value: $moderatorLibrary->forumRecount( $this->topic['forum_id'] ); $moderatorLibrary->forumRecount( $this->topic['topic_move_forum'] ); Tks, solved!
  4. Hi guys! I'm using: if ( $this->topic['topic_move_time'] <= time() ) { $this->DB->update( 'topics', array( 'forum_id' => $this->topic['topic_move_forum'] ), 'tid = '.$this->topic['tid'], true ); require_once( IPSLib::getAppDir('forums') . '/sources/classes/moderate.php' ); $moderatorLibrary = new moderatorLibrary( $this->registry ); $moderatorLibrary->rebuildTopic( $this->topic['tid'], false ); $moderatorLibrary->forumRecount( $this->topic['forum_id'] ); $moderatorLibrary->forumRecount( $this->topic['topic_move_forum'] ); $moderatorLibrary->statsRecount(); $this->DB->update( 'topics ', array( 'topic_move_time' => 0 ), 'tid = '.$this->topic['tid'], true ); } It's working. A topic is 'moved' to another forum in specif time. The only problem is that the source forum keeps showing last post info of that topic, which is in other forum now. The topic now is inside 'New Forum'. But it shows on last info of 'A Test Forum'. When I go to 'A Test Forum', the topic it's not there: StatsRecount: /** * Recount total topics and replies for site statistics * * @access public * @return boolean */ public function statsRecount() { $this->cache->rebuildCache( 'stats', 'global' ); return true; } For its definition, it won't update forum cache. When you empty a forum on Admin CP, it updates the cache. They use: //----------------------------------------- // Rebuild forum cache //----------------------------------------- $this->recacheForums(); But this function is uselless: /** * Recache the forums * * @access public * @return void * @deprecated We're moving away from forum cache **/ public function recacheForums() { //$this->registry->class_forums->updateForumCache(); } :huh: How to update that cache/last post info properly, since what I'm doing seems not to work ? :huh:
  5. IPB3 Videos System v2.0.0 Update

    Received. Unfortunately I will test it only tonight (now is 10:03 AM here) 'cause Youtube is blocked on my work. :thumbsup:
  6. IPB3 Videos System v2.0.0 Update

    Yeap, now it works on my board 'cause my host enabled file_get_contents. :ahappy: I can make some tests if you need help.
  7. IPB3 Videos System v2.0.0 Update

    Hey Michael, didnt' find elsewhere to post this, but I have a suggestion for Video System: bulk moderation on category view. A user posted 10 videos and 8 of them was removed from Youtube. I had to enter one by one and remove it. A bulk moderation on category view (checkbox) would be much better and faster. Tks. :thumbsup: