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  1. Video System Suggestions

    Thanks for the reply and addressing the suggestions :) As for #2, that's how I thought the functionality would work, but nothing happens when you click the category icons in the video system, the cursor doesn't even change to imply the functionality is there. This applies to my site and the demo on devfuse, maybe a bug rather than a feature request then :wink: The html source would suggest the functionality is there for the forums, but not so for the video system, which is why I originally thought it wasn't a bug. Forums: <a id="forum_img_72" href="http://www.devfuse.com/forums/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&section=markasread&marktype=forum&forumid=72&returntoforumid=0&i=1" title="Mark forum as read?" class="forum_marker"> <img src="http://www.devfuse.com/forums/public/style_images/master/f_cat_unread.png" alt="Unread category" title="Mark as read"> </a> Videos: <img src="http://www.devfuse.com/forums/public/style_images/master/f_unread.png" alt="" title="">
  2. Video System Suggestions

    1- At the moment the "description" for a video which shows on the video page has no character limit on how many words to show. So if a description is very large for instance, then the "video details" box will simply stretch to accommodate the lengthy description. It would be good if it had a character limit and only showed a portion of the description initially, with the option to "view more" and for the rest to then be displayed. 2- On the video system index, the page which displays the video categories, as with the forum index it shows you which categories contain new content. But there is no option, unlike the forum index, to mark a category as read, the only way to change the category as read/no new is to open every video within. Richard
  3. Happy Birthday Richard2104!

  4. IPB3 Videos System v2.0.1 Update

    Great work, thanks for the update!
  5. purchase all products?

    Well the total cost of all IPB3 modifications is roughly $235, you could offer a 25% discount for purchasing the entire range, the price of this would be $175. Offering lifetime updates in your line of work wouldn't be very feasible, what happens when IPB4 is released, a lot of the modifications would likely have to be remade, and lifetime would presumably cover that, you'd then be making nothing from your work. Initial purchase of all the modifications should cover 12 months like any other purchase, after 12 months the renewal price is usually 50% of the purchase amount, which would be $87, which could be reduced to either $50 or $75 for a rounder more attractive amount. Anyone serious about running a forum and who has $175 to spend on forum modifications should have no trouble waiting 5-7 days for payment verification, trusted & returning customers could be given a lesser delay, since your own risk is less. Or you could just scrap the idea of an entire range purchase, and do what IPS does offering a percentage based discount on the more you buy the more you save. Off-topic; glad the videos system has finally reached 2.0 and looking stable, will make a great addition to my site when I get around to purchasing it.
  6. Videos System v2 IPB3

    Awesome progress already :shocked:
  7. Videos System v2 IPB3

    YouTube Megavideo Veoh Google Video Dailymotion Guba Tudou Youku 56.com
  8. Videos System v2 IPB3

    I will definitely buy this when it hits v2, exactly the features I need :wink:
  9. Paid Modifications

    +1 to a shop mod, I think all the mods are very reasonably priced.