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  1. Thanks Loren & Michael however my promotions are not taken by donated amount, they donate, and they were automatically put into the donated group for one year then they drop off, unless they donate again. It was that simple we don't work with points, it was nice and simple a monkey could do it, as a matter of fact I can not for the life of me understand why IPB ever made that points system available its a real pain in the butt if you ask me, That is like something we used to get at school applied for being good or naughty. get so many naughty points off you go to the naughty step, get good points you got a gold or silver star. I guess BrandonT is looking to go back to his school days with his request above.
  2. Michael how can we Enter the display name of the promoted member to search in group promotions, when there is no promotions able to be made on donation. There is no place to promote them. Where is the setting for the groups to put them in, there is nowhere to promote a member. We get this There are currently no group promotions to display. and nowhere to add them. This version has changed so much, and to be dead honest I don't like it. Its now so bloody hard to use. Before it used to be so easy for me to add donated members now I need a degree to do it. I guess that's it for me now mate sorry.
  3. Go to initdata.php in the root of your forum and open it, find this line around line 50 define( 'IPS_DEFAULT_PUBLIC_APP', 'forums' ); And change it to define( 'IPS_DEFAULT_PUBLIC_APP', 'portal' ); Your board will always open with portal first, good luck.
  4. Is it possible to make it 3 columns, that would be just brilliant. :thumbsup:
  5. Michael, no better man to look after this, I know from experience, that this will be brilliant in your hands. Good Job. :angel:
  6. Michael firstly I would like to thank you for such a great mod and for the outstanding service you have given me over the last 2 years. Reading all these posts in this thread, I am worried that the Donation Mod will soon become bloat ware. 1) Do we really need subscriptions, I mean subscriptions are not donations, and I for one would never use it, as I don't have that type of board, there are already mods out there to do that. 2) All we want is a nice simple mod to make a donation with out all the added bits mate. I don't want all the different sectors, I would just like Amount needed XXXX Amount donated XXXX plus graph promote to donator from member, ceasing every twelve months, it's all there already, I would just like a way to turn everything else off, that's it, I am sure you remember how confused I got last year with the donations and the year before. 3) I think the mod is perfect as it is, except for maybe more options in the ACP to turn things off that I wont use. Thanks again mate for all you do. :thumbsup: :) Gerry
  7. Hi Michael I am dead against encoding as you know I run a Military website, I am not allowed to run any encoded scripts on my board no matter what the script, therefore it would stop me using mods to make my board better. On a personal note I would not pay for any encoded mods, you I trust, many I don't as they could easily slide in malicious code. There was a blog on IPS where 92% of the posts were vehemently against encoding, and they still will not listen to their customers. I pray that you will not go that way mate.
  8. Michael don't let them get you down buddy, I have bought 2 of your mods and they are bloody fantastic and the support is second to none, I can honestly say that my money was well spent and worth every penny. If they don't want to pay or they want it cheaper, let them write it themselves, and if they can't they will come back and pay. Also I would be interested in a shop mod too even if it cost me $100 you pay for what you get. Excellence. Keep chin up Michael, please you do sterling work. Good luck Gerry
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