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  1. That sounds great. Thank you! I'm a few weeks from being ready to try it out I think. I have to get two other sites done first. The main thing I need sooner than later, besides the core functionality obviously, is the ability to reference and link multiple Collections with each other. For example, selecting which digital codes (from the digital code db) come with a physical media release... and in turn, selecting which versions of a movie (from the movie db) come with a digital code... etc. Data importing via API and/or scraping is a huge need eventually. But I knew right away even in the concept phase that, that was an ambitious goal that could likely only come later. Working with a demo would be great to see if it's a reasonable foundation to start with! Thank you. :)
  2. Thank you. I looked but I missed it somehow. It was a late night. Ha. Thank you again.
  3. Thank you. It was late when I wrote my inquiry and I didn't even think to look for documentation. Sorry about that.
  4. Maybe private messaging is more appropriate for this conversation?
  5. @Michael I'm planning to build a large and complicated movie and TV collection system. Physical and digital content will be tracked. I'm hoping Collections can handle a lot of it but I have a pretty ambitious plan and I'm not sure it can actually be accomplished. I plan to set it up as multiple Collection databases that have the ability to cross reference each other. This isn't really the way I want it laid out but to give you a basic idea, here is a very very very stripped down example of what I mean... I hope that is comprehensible. And eventually, hopefully sooner than later, I want to incorporate APIs and/or data scraping to harvest information from IMDb, and price/spec/availability info from services like Netflix, iTunes, Vudu, etc. I know this is probably well beyond what Collections was designed for but I'm looking for a starting point. This seemed like a decent foundation to build on. How much of this is already possible? And could I hire you to custom develop it to suit my additional needs? I'm an old customer that loves your work and I've always really appreciated how great you've been with me in the past and would love to work with you on this. Thank you so much.
  6. Hello. I'm going to be upgrading my Forums from v3.4.8 to v4.2.9. I'm currently still running Donation Tracker v3.1.1. I'm going to renew the Donations app but is there anything special I need to do to upgrade it to the newest version during this process?
  7. I'm doing a volunteer job building a website for a non-profit and I remember there being a free very basic donation app. I was hoping to get it for the website. Did you stop developing it? Thank you. :)
  8. These are both sold now. Thank you everyone. :) I do have one more that I have been debating with myself about selling. However, it would not be at the greatly discounted price since I would use it if I don't sell it. It would be $135. Please let me know if anyone is interested. It is still a lot lower that buying directly from Invision.
  9. Doh! Just expired. I'll have to renew. Thank you for all the updates! :)
  10. Yes, that is correct. I have edited the OP to clarify this further. I will of course include the renewal in the cost. :)
  11. Invision Power Board (IP.Board / IPB) Forum STANDARD Licenses For Sale I have TWO Invision Power Board (aka IP.Board, aka IPB) STANDARD Licenses for sale. (See Screenshot 1) Sadly i never used them for what i had bought them for and now we are in a rough patch and need to try and recoup some of the expense. This is good for you, though! It will save you money! Retail Price: $175 (Through Invision Power) Asking Price: $110 OBO (I have these listed for sale at a few different places. So you will be competing with members from several website communities.) *These are each currently expired. I will take care of the renewal for each just prior to transfer. This will bring each to a full 6 month term! I will also be taking care of any transfer fees on my end! Once a license is renewed and transferred, it will function as if it were a BRAND NEW IPB Standard License with a full 6 month term of downloads and support. After your 6 months expires you ARE ALLOWED to continue to use any versions of IPB that you've already downloaded. You will just no longer have access to download new versions or re-download old versions and will no longer get free support without renewing. (Renewal is only $25 for 6 more months and you can renew any time no matter how long it has been expired!) Both of my IPB licenses have been verified by Invision Power to be eligible for transfer. (See Screenshot 2) I only accept PayPal. I am PayPal verified and you should be, too. Please respond here or PM me. Thank you! Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
  12. It has been quite a while since i've been here and i'm looking forward to renewing and upgrading my Donation Tracker. Thank you for the continued development. :)
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