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  1. Requested: a plugin that looks through a bounce mailbox via IMAP, finds all hard bounces by looking for codes like 550, deletes the emails, terminates user tracking and subscriptions, and moves the user into a special "not trustworthy" group. I'd pay for that.
  2. I'd really like for Garage to have a limited list of vehicle models because of all the spelling mistakes... and the ability to go through the database more easily (e.g. put cars in order by category or model so I can find the "Others") PS> Let me clarify a bit. I'm dealing with at least 150 different model names now so it would be nice to have dropdowns by make with some relatively easy way to set it up. Or maybe a "spell check" warning that would vet the entries and warn people and perhaps moderators of violations. Moved to current discussion topic about Garage System v3. Michael
  3. Especially since there was NO reason to do it, they even apparently had a module that connect to stopforumspam set up in one of the betas or RCs...! but that's the way it goes with a lot of these companies, they start out nice and providing good service for a fair price, and get greedy. Enterprise customers don't care about price tags - indeed, they want to spend as much as possible - and so prices skyrocket. I've seen it happen way too many times, including one piece of software whose price started out at $150, doubled with every new version, and ended up jumping from $600 to $15,000 ... and setting up a service to compete with their former buyers. Not saying IPB's going that way but once you're enmeshed in there, with all their services and features, it's hard to get out. To be fair they haven't pulled the usual trick, which is to change the name of the product and claim that perpetual/lifetime licenses are invalid because it's a Whole New Thing. And they are still honoring their old commitments. I do wish they'd spend more time on optimization and less on ancillary features, and make some attempts not to destroy all skins and modules with each new version. Making it easier to relogo would be nice, too - not everyone can do a simple white-on-blue.
  4. Agreed! I have no problem with spending $50 once, or a reasonable recurring fee, but I do NOT want to eliminate my Perpetual licenses for this! (Which seems to be their primary goal, you can't just lease the service, you have to convert your license.)
  5. I should point to the sad excuse for code I've generated myself, just to let me see who is naughty and who is nice when I do admin approvals: http://www.stopforumspam.com/forum/t693-Easy-Invisionboard-%28IPB%29-modification //=========================================================================== // Member: validating //=========================================================================== function member_validating_row( $r="" ) { $IPBHTML = ""; //--starthtml-- cp_skin_member.php // $ipzzz = $r['ip_address']; $filez = file_get_contents('http://www.stopforumspam.com/api?ip='.$ipzzz); $IPBHTML1 .= <<<EOF <tr> <td class='tablerow2'><a href='{$this->ipsclass->vars['board_url']}/index.php?showuser={$r['id']}'><strong>{$r['members_display_name']}</strong></a>{$r['_coppa']} <div class='desctext'>IP: <a href='{$this->ipsclass->base_url}&section=content&act=mtools&code=learnip&ip={$r['ip_address']}'>{$r['ip_address']}</a> EOF; $IPBHTML3 .= <<<EOF {$filez} <a href='http://www.ip-adress.com/ip_tracer/{$r['ip_address']}' target='_blank'>Location</a></div></td> <td class='tablerow1'>{$r['email']}</td> <td class='tablerow1'><span style='color:green'>{$r['_where']}</span><br />{$r['_entry']}<div class='desctext'>{$r['_days']} days and {$r['_rhours']} hours ago</div></td> <td class='tablerow1' align='center'>{$r['posts']}</td> <td class='tablerow1'>{$r['_joined']}</td> <td class='tablerow1' align='center'><input type='checkbox' id="mid_{$r['member_id']}" name='mid_{$r['member_id']}' value='1' /></td> </tr> EOF;
  6. Lindsey, that's what I was talking about re IPB's own service. I am actually a bit pissed off about that. They HAD stopforumspam integration built into IPB, but then I guess someone looked at all those perpetual and lifetime licenses, and said, "Hey, we need a way to get $50 a year out of them, too!" So stopforumspam disappeared and IPB got its own unique service... that, as Michael said, requires a license. I did figure out how to get stopforumspam to show up in the listing of people to be validated, but not how to automatically bounce a user who's been tagged to "requires admin validation." That would be very helpful and is a "module opportunity."
  7. (PS> It appears there WAS one in the betas but it disappeared shortly before the final release - possibly due to the new IPB spam database.)
  8. Nobody had any thoughts?
  9. I realize IPB has figured out a way to get $50/year from its Perpetual and Lifetime customers more easily, but can DevFuse make a plugin to connect to StopForumSpam.com's API and check new registrations?
  10. Is there a product here, or does anyone know of a method, whereby I can have a forum which covers numerous topics, but somehow make it appear as though a single category or forum area is actually hosted on another site? In essence, I have a car site that covers a single set of brands, but I'd like to have a small number of forums appear on sites dedicated to single cars in that set of brands. Generally the individual brand subforums do better if they appear to be on their own dedicated sites. The same would go for the Garage - I'd like to have dedicated registries for particular cars that are drawn from the larger database. Any thoughts?
  11. davert

    IPB 3.0.1

    Whereas "Tomorrow" is the "time of choice" for certain other programs (anyone following MailForge?)
  12. On one forum, installed! On the other, was waiting for Garage or Registry and for Subscriptions - the latter has yet to arrive.
  13. The dangerous part is actually upgrading to IPB3 without a Registry to back up to ;) I guess I can make a test forum before upgrading. Not a bad idea anyway.
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