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  1. The try/catch wrapper in the hook file "\autowelcome\hooks\validatehook.php" is there 3 times in both functions, 2 of them should be removed: } catch ( \RuntimeException $e ) { if ( method_exists( get_parent_class(), __FUNCTION__ ) ) { return call_user_func_array( 'parent::' . __FUNCTION__, func_get_args() ); } else { throw $e; } } } catch ( \RuntimeException $e ) { if ( method_exists( get_parent_class(), __FUNCTION__ ) ) { return call_user_func_array( 'parent::' . __FUNCTION__, func_get_args() ); } else { throw $e; } } } catch ( \RuntimeException $e ) { if ( method_exists( get_parent_class(), __FUNCTION__ ) ) { return call_user_func_array( 'parent::' . __FUNCTION__, func_get_args() ); } else { throw $e; } }
  2. @Michael just a quick note that the try/catch wrapper in the hook file "\autowelcome\hooks\validatehook.php" keeps getting duplicated. EDIT: I forgot about the bug tracker, made a bug report there.
  3. Just posted a bug report for this app: http://www.devfuse.com/forums/tracker/issue-1617-auto-welcome-you-do-not-have-any-non-abstract-methods-in-ipsautowelcomeextensionscoremembersyncautowelcome/ ;)
  4. Since you're posting here I suspect you're using a warez version of it :huh: "(T31) Hide Content" is a paid modification and I don't support it on third party sites (so PMing me here won't help), if you require support please post on my forum logging with your customer account if you have one otherwise purchase it first.
  5. what is the name of your application? And also how did you name the lang file?
  6. Ah now I see why you reported my same bug, he posted also here the same question :P
  7. I'm waiting also some minor mods and 2 big mods, I am the author of one of the 2 big mods so until I complete it I won't upgrade for sure :lol: Same here :P Btw the tickets system is coming soon ;)
  8. From another point of view releasing first some free mods is a way for us modders to test & improve our coding skills based on the new IPB 3 framework and with more experience there will be less bugs later working on a paid modification :)
  9. Until I get all the mods on my forum upgraded I can't upgrade to 3.0 :lol:
  10. Here you go: $this->ipsclass->DB->table_exists => $this->DB->checkForTable( $table ); $this->ipsclass->DB->field_exists => $this->DB->checkForField( $field, $table ); API instead are not needed anymore, if you want to create a topic you have to include directly classPost: require_once( IPSLib::getAppDir('forums') . '/sources/classes/post/classPost.php' ); $this->classPost = new classPost( $this->registry ); I can give you the code to create a new topic, but you won't understand exactly how it works having an encoded file.. better to wait for the unencoded version in my opinion :)
  11. Nice, I think I'll give them a try even if the app/hook installers still have some bugs :)
  12. Actually I haven't even installed/downloaded Beta 2 :P I'm still using an old build (let's call it Beta 1.5 xD) to develop, the app installer is already working on my build but they still need to work on it. For example the uninstallation process doesn't delete DB data installed, I haven't tried it on Beta 2 but I read that it is still a problem :o
  13. Yup, I'm waiting at least Beta 2 or 3 to start upgrading my mods. Seeing how much are the changes between the 2 beta I might wait for the first RC as well :unsure:
  14. Useful mod :) I was already going to make something similar for IPB 2.3 but I've never completed it, good to see you're doing it :P
  15. Same me, I can't remember exactly how I found this forum but I think I've seen a link for it @ IPS forum the first time :o
  16. Italy, a small town of about ~600 :P
  17. I think that this could be a nice addition to the mod :)
  18. Nice mod, I know that already some people asked for it :)
  19. Yup, ACP is awesome :) Anyway I can't say more yet.. :P
  20. Rikki said the other one was a temporary style so I think this "new" layout is final :P
  21. IPB3 ACP is awesome in my opinion :P
  22. No problem Michael :)

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