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  1. kal

    Two new bugs

    There is a comma before the array already. Does that mean it should be: , , array(), NULL, TRUE, 'read' ); or do we just change FALSE to TRUE ?
  2. I have both of these mods. They are great! I had an interesting enhancement request from one of my moderators. If you select the option to post a topic on the forum wishing happy birthday / anniversary, it would be nice if you could somehow include the link of that post in the email and/or PM to the member. That way the member can click on the link to see all the well wishers' replies.
  3. Can't wait for the new Videos System

  4. Not working for me. I thought maybe Board Panel was interfering with it, but turning it off didn't seem to make a difference. Here's what I added to globalTemplate <if test="zero_poster:|:$this->memberData['member_id'] AND $this->memberData['posts'] == 53"> <div class='block_wrap'> <h3 class='maintitle'>Need help {$this->memberData['members_display_name']}?</h3> <div class='general_box'><b>Our records indicate you have yet to post. If you are having trouble posting please search through our <a href="{parse url="app=core&module=help" base="public"}" title='{$this->lang->words['view_help']}' rel="help" accesskey='6'>Help Guide</a>. <br />If not, why not take a moment to introduce yourself in our <a href="{parse url="showforum=14" base="public"}">Welcome Center</a> and get to know our community?</b></div> </div> </if> <if test="mainpageContent:|:$html">{$html}</if> did I miss something?
  5. Name: Middle Ages Tech Support Category: Funny Videos Date Added: 09 January 2010 - 02:29 AM Submitter: kal Short Description: Funny! This video always makes me laugh! :lol: View Video
  6. It might be too late to add this, but... 1. YouTube 2. Hulu 3. Vimeo
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