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  1. Hi Michael, I'll be able to spend a bit of time today and tomorrow testing. Jim
  2. As always, great work Michael :)
  3. Happy Birthday JimD!

  4. Michael, really pleased to see this is being worked on again, looking forward to the results :)
  5. Great work, thanks Michael! Jim
  6. Needs someone to finish his garden off... had enough now!

  7. You'll never satisfy everyone unfortunately.... but remember, the minority complainers always manage stick out beyond the majority who are perfectly happy to pay for things. In the case of Michael's modifications, I'd honestly say are the best about, in terms of function, quality and support. My view... additional features on a website, that encourage more people to come and, more importantly, stay are absolutely key. I manage 4 car owners clubs,
  8. For me, I need all of them so which ever of those three is good! Going great guns Michael, well done fella! Jim
  9. Cheers for your efforts Michael, looking forward to seeing the developments :)
  10. Staffordshire, in the Midlands, UK.
  11. As your aware Michael, I already use this system and cannot recommend it enough. The time it saves and the professional touch it brings is excellent.
  12. lol sorry to bother you more like! Thanks very much for the reply and that makes perfect sense to hold off until IPB3.0 I will put something together so to better explain how I imagine the Garage could be developed based on the above, its never easy trying to explain in text :P Keep up the great work Michael! Jim
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