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  1. Description says: "Average score that takes total thumbs up minus total thumbs down for each topic". Is it possible to have it display all "likes" and "dislikes" instead of doing the math? I think that's what people love about this feature in sites like youtube...
  2. Hi Michael, Do you think the collections system could be used as a review system? I'm thinking about reviewing books on my site. (I've checked the reviews mod at ipb market, but it seems pretty dead).
  3. javier

    If you got to name Windows 7

    Wannabe, Mac Wannabe. :)
  4. javier

    Ideas program

    I know exactly what you need, give it a go: Personal brain! www.brain.com The freeware version is outstanding and good enough for what you need.
  5. I'd like certain subforums to appear in the Recently Added Topics box. Maybe even choose which forums the topics are extracted from. Is there a way to do this?
  6. javier

    Videos System v2 IPB3

    Is the "darken background when playing video" feature still on the "perhaps in the next version" list or is it too hard to implement?
  7. I know this is a pretty dumb question, but I just don't understand how exactly the news system mod works. I mean, right now I have a forum where one of the categories is "news", and inside that category I have, say, 3 sub-forums, one called "news on this site", the other xx, the other xx. Also, the front page of my site gets the news topic titles from the news section. How would this mod help me exactly? I know it's a dumb question, I just don't understand the concept. :cry: I'm planning to upgrade to 3.x soon. Cheers!
  8. javier

    Videos System v2 IPB3

    youtube mainly, but people who own adult sites would also get a lot of videos from, er... you know, the one which sounds a bit like you tube but starts with an x :whistle: (I might open up an adult site one day, so partly interested. Not sure if the current video system can use this yet)
  9. Want to know about one of invision's biggest mistakes ever? watch the video! Note: Sorry about the english, it's not my first language. :)
  10. Checkingout this status update thingy

  11. javier

    You know what bugs me about IPB Gallery?

    What annoys me even more is that you can post images which are hosted externally anywhere in the forum, no worries. But for the gallery? no, they can only be hosted on the server where the forum is hosted. How absurd is that? it's ridiculous, because I could have a gallery with thousands of pictures, but I wouldn't want to host all those pictures on my server because traffic expenses would jump, and so would hosting space limits. But if I could show pictures in my gallery that were hosted somewhere else (imageshack, flicker, you name it) as well as on my server, that would be awesome.
  12. javier

    Paid Modifications

    Let me just say that the donation tracker mod is simply unbelieveable! At my site, it paid itself off 7 times on the first year alone (and I'd never accepted donations before on my site). I've actually had several arguments with people on other sites talking about this very mod: they wanted a free mod and their thinking was something along the lines: "I don't like the concept of paid mods". How selfish is that? They don't like paid mods but still want to make money off their users? absurd. If donations tracker was modified so that it would cost web admins nothing until it paid itself off, they still wouldn't want to buy it! I love that mod. It's got so many features, it's great. In fact, it is probably no exageration to say that few other mods have ever made so much money for webmasters, ever! :) I also purchased the group messages mod, and I find it incredibly useful and easy to use. Another feature which often goes overlooked is the amount of edits you've gotta do for devfuse's mods. If you value your time, time is money. Installation of devfuse's mods are incredibly simple. In fact, when I install one of Michael's mods I'm often worried: is that it? surely not! c
  13. javier

    Will you be upgrading to IPB3?

    I will be upgrading, don't know when yet though, but probably before the end of the year or right after that. I run 3 sites, but one of them is like a testboard, and I had no mods there, so that doesn't count. :) I do feel that the community of modders is driving people to upgrade: some of the new mods that are coming out, which are very cool, are only for ipb3, and there's nothing you can do to battle that... I also like some of the new features in ipb3, things like integration with facebook and twitter, rating users and so on. I still love 2.3x, it's so fast, I'm so used to it, it's just amazing... ipb3 is about 20% slower, but don't forget that the guys behind ipb3 are the same people who made 2.3x so fast, so they can do it again, let's give them a vote of confidence. ;) I also have a couple of custom mods... I don't know what will happen with that. I have to get in touch with the people involved and so on. New upgrades is often good news for modders: they get fresh money from people who need to upgrade their mods, but they're not to blame for that. :)
  14. javier

    Videos System v2 IPB3

    Hi! I'm not sure if this is a feature already, but I don't think it is. I don't currently use a video system, but I might get it! Anyway, I was watching a soccer video and came accross a pretty awesome feature which I'd never seen before: "lights off". Basically, what it does is: at the press of a button, it darkens the background (actually, it goes all black) and you only see the video screen. It's really awesome. Have a look here: THIS LINK. By the way, do you know if the ipb 3 version of the gallery supports external hosting of pictures? because it really is a needed feature, and previous versions didn't support it, so if you had a pretty large gallery, you had to pay for hosting and traffic as well. So the larger it becomes, the more expensive too... Embedding images is a perfect solution, like this video thing.
  15. javier

    What do you think of IP.Board 3?

    I don't like the new skin, but let's face it, how many of us use the original skin anyway? There's gonna be lots of different skins for it, so that's not a big deal. I think the ACP is gonna be great. I particularly like the feature where you can re-arrange forums using your mouse, drag and dropping them to change the order. Other features are cool, but I won't be updating for a long time though. Minimum 6 months, possibly more.
  16. * Is it going to have wiki-like features? i.e. letting other users (depending on group permissions) edit articles and then put them in a que list until approved? to me that's a very big feature. * Alowing html. * Point integration? Ok, perhaps this is not really a needed feature, but if users had to "pay" points to read some articles and those points go to the person who wrote it, it would make it quite interesting... I purchased the now defunct Ineo a couple of years ago and now I'm trying to make up my mind between this and the other article system by the other Michael. :) Any time line for this, even if it's only an estimate?
  17. Michael, have you made any decission regarding the possible development of this mod?
  18. Something like Ineo would be fantastic. (open source now). I purchased Ineo and I was very disappointed when development stopped all of a sudden... Ok, if not a compete wiki system, then perhaps an article system where it is possible to let other members (depending on category perhaps?) edit those articles. Categories and subcategories. Must show the number of articles in each category. Articles added to subcategories should increase a category's number of of articles (this was a problem with Ineo!). Html enabled, attachments, the usual features.
  19. Yes, I know it's not a graphic. What I'm suggesting is that we use a graphic to make it look better.
  20. - The progress bar graphic, in my opinion, does not match the quality of this great mod, so personally I'd like to see something better looking for the next version. If we could use our own graphics, that would make it even better as we could skin it, share skins for it, etc. I can't code, but surely it is possible to enter code such as "if % < 5, show 05.gif, if % < 10, show 10.gif, etc. you get the picture... - Ability to show progress bar in signature (combined with the "default user signature", I'm pretty sure it would increase the users' awareness of the presence of a donation tracker). - "Who has visited the donation tracker mod", for admins only. Valuable information... ;) - Most of my users donate off-line, they don't even send me an email. The only way I can tell someone has donated is by checking my bank account. I wonder if off-line donations can be improved somewhat... although I don't have a clear suggestion here. - Discounts for people who buy more than 1 license.