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Top Laser Levels For Long Distance Jobs

Whenever you are working on a construction site or planning to work on an outdoor job by using a laser level then the first thing that must be in your mind is the range of the device. If you were working from small laser levels that are suitable for indoor projects then it’s time to move on to the advanced model of laser level to get accuracy and precision in your work.

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Pacific Laser Systems PLS-60588 Laser Level:


Pacific laser system is a prominent name in the market now and people who are already working with this laser level are quite fond of it. The aggressive performance and efficient leveling will make your work easier and you will love to work with this model on professional applications.


Weight: 4 pounds

Level type: Self-leveling

Batteries: 1 lithium-ion battery

Warranty: 3 years

Laser class: II

No of beams: 02


This amazing self-leveling laser has come up with accuracy and it has an amazing range to help you while working outdoors. The working accuracy of cross-line is about +-1/8” at the distance of 30ft. the point to point accuracy is about +-1/4” at the distance of 100ft.

It has a wall magnetic bracket to help your laser level in getting attached to any kind of surface strongly. You will not go through the whole problem of slipping through a wall or stand.

The designing and portability of this model are of great advantage especially when you have to travel from one place to another with a laser level.

Bosch 3-Point Laser Alignment with Self-Leveling GPL 3:

Speaking of accuracy, Bosch 3-point laser level GPL3 is one of the on-point devices you will ever come across with. If you have never used a laser level in your life then you can use it without spending hours reading the manual. You can say it’s a groundbreaking product for your job.


Working range: 100ft

No of beams: 02

360 coverage: 01 plane

Accuracy: +-1/8”

Weight: 2 pounds

Batteries: 3AAA


Bosch 3-point GPL 3 has plumb and level point projection to transfer accurately. The accuracy of this device is about +-1/4” at the distance of 100ft and you simply work on outdoor sites.

It’s a self-leveling product with a smart pendulum system that helps in protecting internal parts from damage and it also provides stability to the alignment.

This model is portable for easy traveling; it’s durable for long working and has come up with a diamond-cut beam splitter for superior accuracy and precision of your work. It also has the potential to keep the device safe from dust and water.

Makita Green Cross-Line Laser Level:

Makita has been contributing to the field of manufacturing laser level for quite some time now and people who are already using laser levels from this brand are quite satisfied. From indoor to outdoor, you can almost attempt any kind of project by using this laser level.


Weight: 1.03 pounds

Batteries: 3AAA

No of beams: 02 

Working range: 50ft

Laser class: II

Leveling type: Self-leveling


This model can project horizontal and vertical beams to provide accuracy and precision to work. The accuracy of the horizontal line is about +/- 1/8” at the distance of 30ft. the accuracy of the vertical line is about +/- 3/32” at the distance of 30ft.

Line visibility range from this model is about 50ft. the self-leveling operation of this model works perfectly even when it’s on a rough surface.

It also has an integrated pendulum lock to enhance versatility, pulse mode to extend battery life and locking the angles as well as the battery can also provide 30 hours of working.

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Dewalt DW089K Laser Level:


If you are willing to nail every project that comes your way and you can’t stand compromise then the DW089K laser level is one of the powerful tools for you. It will enhance your productivity as well as it will also help you in working in a comfortable environment.


Batteries: 4AA

Leveling Type: Self-leveling

Rated: IP54

Visibility range: 50ft

No of beams: 03

Laser class: II


It has a built-in magnetic pivot bracket to adjust the laser level on any surface with ease. It also has a 3 beam line laser to support 90 degrees layout.

The accuracy of this model is about +/- 1/8” at the distance of 30ft. it has a one-button operation which makes it easy to use and the working range is about 165ft. the battery can provide 30 hours of constant running.

It has come up with a micro-adjust knob that helps you in adjusting the layout, has improved visibility, and has additional accessories for ease of your work.

New Firecore F118G Professional Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser:

If you were looking for a professional laser level then this model is the right match for all your needs while being on a professional site. It also can project two different lines independently without disturbance.


Weight: 15 ounces

Leveling type: self-leveling

Batteries: 3AA


Switch style: Push button

Working range: 82ft


The new fire core F118G laser level has come up with a working range of 82ft. it also has an accuracy of about +/-1/8” at the distance of 30ft.

This model can project a green line for horizontal and vertical leveling, angle measurements, and for points as well. It has a magnetic bracket to adjust the device on any surface.

This amazing device has the potential to provide you safety from water, dust, and debris while working in a rough condition. The brightness of the beam is unmatchable, and you will love the features.

STfz2EWJlsjhx_-9ZBVflI42o2XEodHJb17KU7Ml For more read about the best laser level: https://twitter.com/bestlaserlevel  


After looking at so many laser levels in the market, you may feel confused as a beginner and may end up with the wrong model. Now you can choose any of the models for long-distance work, and you will be able to witness beams. It’s time to count on the laser level for perfect work.

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