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  1. This is not working right for CiC at least when a member signs up using twitter, it sends a auto welcome (all the options you have enabled for the welcome) Then after they validate, it then sends another auto welcome (again, in any options you have enabled for the welcome) i understand this is a free app, but on IPS we have tried to tell you this numerous times (not only me, but others to) that the auto welcome is malfunctioning Can you plz let us know if this is unsupported or are you just working on your paid apps first?? ( i really don't want to just disable twitter as a sign up, due to lot's of members only using this option to log in and and don't want to inconvenience them as it was already hard to retain sign ups) i would like to know so i can either disable it or continue to be patient 1000's of admins use this free file, and i am sure not all are reporting the mishap as i believe this may just be a CiC issue?
  2. the video block page looks bad like the way it is
  3. The Videos Container is broken or is not letting the videos line up right you have it set to 4 videos in rows, and currently it does this for top row, then breaks the second and last row to 3 on 3rd row > first two videos are connected instead of having space I have checked this on IPS default Theme and it still is same look Screenshot https://i.postimg.cc/mgbDdrj5/screenshot-www-fierceteam-com-2019-05-16-20-53-46.png Videos Page for my site - https://www.fierceteam.com/videos/
  4. Is this going to be updated for the errors reported on IPS??
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