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  1. [USRF]Sledge

    Auto Welcome

    All sorted with some re-coding from @Michael. Big kudo's for this free plugin, but even bigger kuddo's for the support!
  2. [USRF]Sledge

    Auto Welcome

    I would be pleased
  3. [USRF]Sledge

    Auto Welcome

    Okay, I disabled everything and started over from scratch, enabled the topic settings one by one. Surprisingly the mod now does post a new topic (with myself as topic starter). But adding a post to an existing topic is still a no go. But there is some progress. Tried to add a post to both https as http (http will be forwarded to https). Tried both with and without trailing slash on the url.
  4. [USRF]Sledge

    Auto Welcome

    Yes Yes Yes (it is myself) Above question are kind of supported by my previous posted screenies. The Mod works for email and PM, but not for a topic reply. I can't see any reason. Is there any more info I can supply you with to debug? Thanks again.
  5. [USRF]Sledge

    Auto Welcome

    Enabled email and PM welcome too, without luck [update] and those are working!! https://screenshots.firefox.com/MyHqJJT4ztdwfxAk/www.dampforum.nu Bad thing is we like to get a post in a topic (new topic is not working either). Any ideas?
  6. [USRF]Sledge

    Auto Welcome

    Thank you for your reply Michael! We've got v2.5.0 installed. No errors, no nothing. Made some screenshots for you (1 month available from now) https://screenshots.firefox.com/0R3ADsSAk1dIxV5R/www.dampforum.nu https://screenshots.firefox.com/Vko1N3xfFpsdeOgx/www.dampforum.nu https://screenshots.firefox.com/lkr1vF9iYtXwgAU1/www.dampforum.nu https://screenshots.firefox.com/UYxtzVXN3IrVRW4K/www.dampforum.nu Basic and straight forward as you can see. Just because you suggested, I signed up a dummy user from separate browser, no errors (level 2) showing.
  7. [USRF]Sledge

    Auto Welcome

    Hey @Michael, I read great stories about this plugin, but never got it to work. Not on ips 4.1.x and not on 4.2.x Installation works well, but if I try to post a welcome nothing happens ...ever ... (tried a lot over time by now) Any clues? Any additional info you want from me?