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  1. dear all, kindly anybody try to help me for any idea how to put google adsense code in my forum but my site already taken suspend from google adsense since 10 years ago i have an account now for another new site but i want to put the code also in my forum because i have traffic on it so i need to earn any income from it.
  2. how to fix these task from my cpanel any help and thanks for you
  3. I need the new code that convert display format in custom profile field from text to images i have one in old ip board 3.1.2 but after upgrade it dosen't work like this <center><br /><img src="style_images/flag/{key}.gif"alt='' border='0' width="91" height="91" /><br /></center> so any one can help me and many thanks
  4. Yogioh

    Facebook Login Handlers Setup

    here some pics can you tell me where is the error please
  5. Can anybody please help me with full explain with pics to how to create app and connect it with my ip board 4.2 please i found support instruction i use it but i found difficulty to configure it and got this erorr IF YOU CAN HELP ME I WILL BE GRATEFUL
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    Thanks Alot for your great help
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    Recently Browsing

    I have question about recently browsing block how can i make it active in all forums topics and categories automatically like this I cant added it manually in every section or topic and many thanks