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  1. Hi Michael is it works for 3.1.2 board or new 3.1.3 ?
  2. Congratulations Michael ! Also thanks for great mods !
  3. I just need information ! How much uploads are works for original IPB Downloads mod and How much is allowed with this mod on site here and is it have some setup for unlimited uploads or downloads ! I wont to by for company IPB licence and need for some brochures and some part for freezone things to make section its ISP in question ... Also i need some mods for IPB and what i need for request company will pay and i found this site and mods here are friendly and great ! I be on few sites and banned me becouse i have only website not IPB but i respect rules are rules as i stay here i wont to be active and give chanse this great mod guys to collect some money also i will soon donete some money here i take some mods for friends site and working real great ! Thanks
  4. Nice piece for forum ! And briliant idea !
  5. I dont have my IPB but I-m member on lot of communitys and sites with IPB, SMF ! I dont own site but works in legal company like Administrator and is it problem if i put that link but its web site not IPB ! I dont wont to be punished but i really dont have IPB site and dont have time for lead some sites but i love to learn about Vbulleten, IPB, SMF .... etc and learn about tham ! And also agree that warez not welcome i dont like warez also !
  6. Thanks for care IPB users ! I will wait IPB 3.0 fully and if price will ok for my pocket i will continue journey with IPB now i must use smf becouse its free ! But thank you for this greats mods !
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