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  1. @Michael Would this work the same for subscriptions or would they not show at all ?
  2. Hi @Michael just a standard product that is set to renew every 30 days and also return a member back to there group when it expires.
  3. Sorry to put this under devfuse bugs @Michael but there wasn't a drop down for Recent Purchases Plugin
  4. Not sure if you are aware but if you select renewal for a product and a member purchases it,it will show in the widget after purchase. However if say you set it up to renew in 30 days time, When that renewal takes place it does not show in the recent purchases but does increase the bar and the received amount
  5. @Michael I thought by your responses on support over last year there was plans to add other gateways into the donations app like stripe ? That's what a few people have been patiently waiting for while they either continue with paypal or the commerce app in the time being, If thats not the case then some more plugins for commerce are needed! Like top donator (top payer) ... basically all the features your paypal donation app has currently.
  6. No light on this one @hellreturn i opened a ticket looks like its going to be a while longer
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