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  1. Glock26

    (M34) Donate Sidebar

    Let me add that I installed the "hook.xml" but have not installed the "portal_block.xml" or "ipcontent_block.xml" as I am not sure if they get installed as separate hooks or not, and what they do exactly. G26
  2. Glock26

    (M34) Donate Sidebar

    Thank you for this free and useful mod. If I can be so bold as to ask, is there a way for the donation screen to open up in a new tab instead of the main index when clicking "DONATE"? You cannot middle click the button. Also, a small thing, but when entering "0" to rather choose any number rather than a drop down list......the box still has a bunch of arbitrary pre-fulled numbers in it when you click on it. You can enter any number, but there are a few numbers that drop when selecting the empty box. Prefilled from......? Lastly, I know a simple stlye change for anyone who knows IPB (not me yet) but how to I position the box at the bottom of the current boxes on the side, instead of at the top of the existing ones? Many thanks!