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  1. (M34) Donate Sidebar

    Let me add that I installed the "hook.xml" but have not installed the "portal_block.xml" or "ipcontent_block.xml" as I am not sure if they get installed as separate hooks or not, and what they do exactly. G26
  2. (M34) Donate Sidebar

    Thank you for this free and useful mod. If I can be so bold as to ask, is there a way for the donation screen to open up in a new tab instead of the main index when clicking "DONATE"? You cannot middle click the button. Also, a small thing, but when entering "0" to rather choose any number rather than a drop down list......the box still has a bunch of arbitrary pre-fulled numbers in it when you click on it. You can enter any number, but there are a few numbers that drop when selecting the empty box. Prefilled from......? Lastly, I know a simple stlye change for anyone who knows IPB (not me yet) but how to I position the box at the bottom of the current boxes on the side, instead of at the top of the existing ones? Many thanks!