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  1. Hello, I use the latest version of the application 3.3.3, thank you Préparation au Chambon sur Lignon, dernier jour
  2. Hello, The Title is cut in the featured videos and shifts to the other side of the video, why the long title does not shoot on two lines automatically? A CSS bug? thank you for your reply
  3. Hi @Michael how to add videos from this platform Dailymotion? (www.dailymotion.com) Thank you
  4. Merci ;) thank you
  5. Thank you, I personally started translating everything that was visible for the members
  6. Hello, is there a French version (language) for the videos module? I started translating, but if it can save me time, thank you I do not know if I'm in the bonforum, otherwise thank you to put the message in the right column, sorry
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