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  1. Of course! --- [Update] Cleared cache AND re-saved settings still receiving the error.
  2. Bug report has not been updated for 4.4! I am receiving the following error. (error in birthday greeter 4.4!
  3. @Michael there's no breaks for you! Get to work! lol I'm just teasing.
  4. lol, I was just giving you a hard time lol. But seriously though, they seem to run fine on 4.4 (the 4.3 versions I have) but he did get with me and let me know what he was doing, he made mention he was taken a bit by surprise with the update; but he has been hustling on it so we should see some roll out soon.
  5. He'll get to them, he's pretty reliable, one of the best by my standards; Mike was just caught off guard by the sudden updates, to be fair though; all my stuff works fine in 4.4 even not having been upgraded. I'd suggest, if he is working on replies, he's not upgrading :) .
  6. I'll pause updating until you are complete. I got to many lol.
  7. Oo Now see we get my attention sometimes, I am curious about this.
  8. I have my friend! Today 10/5/18 Also.
  9. -ducks from the stuff thrown- … dig deeper!
  10. No it keeps popping up again it comes and it goes. I dont clear it.
  11. HAHA, did you just ask me if I could! lol, you know I will! You the man Mr. John.
  12. While working on an issue unrelated, IPS techs brought this to my attention. Thought you might want to know.
  13. Brian Klein

    Tag Issue

    I noticed while cleaning up my tags on the site an issue I think should be addressed and was not sure how to post it, the issue is not really a 'bug' as the product works great, but the tagging leaves something to be desired. Notice on the topics when creating a forum topic as depicted below. Now notice when I create a video. Please note that in the topic, there is a "+" to allow the addition of tags after the topic has been created, and notice the 'X' to allow quick removal of them. Notice the Video tags do not allow this ease of access. Update maybe :) Kind Regards, Brian (Again it is not working issue, but cosmetic more or less)
  14. I wanted to first start off by saying that @Mike is really doing a great job here with his site, he is a great person to buy from and definately lives up to his expectations; We've had some minor hickups from time to time and he's always pushed above and beyond to help not only his own product issues, but even those who abandon their work; he has been the staple in our site and deserves the recognition. Now he is also a modest person and will not ever infringe on anyone else, he is prompt with his responses and always works hard at what he does. With all that said; Hi, I'm Brian owner of a site that uses his work heavily, our link can be found here. we tell the story of humanity, one person at a time. it is a pleasure to meet all of you whom have purchased Mr. Johnson's work and those whom have yet to buy. We are located out of San Diego, CA - USA; and we love it here. I look forward to hearing from all of you. Warmest Regards, Brian
  15. That's exactly what we are doing, Mike is just great for what he does, he's been helping us trim back but maintain the important things we need to run smoothly! This man and his work are amazing. Mike if you do ever get around to this, thank you!
  16. I wanted to take the time to thank Mr. Michael John for all his hard work, he has gone above and beyond in so many ways; his work is extraordinary and is only surpassed by his commitment to his clients and customers. I don't feel he gets what he deserves; Mr. John I thank you for all your efforts and time. You are definitely an investment that people should not overlook. Kind Regards, Brian (Humanastory!)
  17. In, 2015: I know this is a bit different as normally it would fit under a product review, or in the much anticipated and highly sought after comment sections; but, I wanted to single handedly, with an ear to the ground; say thanks – to Mr. John, for all his hard work and effort here at Devfuse – I sit here and reflect on everything that has been accomplished over the years by his magical little fingers, as I realize I use a lot of his products, and use them quite frequently, I feel his work deserved some praise, a gay-ish chime of glee – it is not often one hears the good side of news or work they create, as usually, in more-often-than-not, encounters are usually disrupted, by only those angry thoughts in the dark. Mike, thank you for all your hard work and knowledge, your customer service is outstanding – your response times are amazing. May your 2016 be even more adventurous Kind Regards, Brian (Humanastory!)
  18. Wasn't sure if the question goes here or not, but figured I'd put it here since it is IPB and Support help I need. And honestly, I trust Mike! How do I put a small noted description where the red line is that would read "We recommend using your real 'First and Last' name for account verification purposes." but not mess with anything else in the programing, looked for it in "Languages" under THEME but couldn't find it. I'm afraid if I do it I will mess something up bad. Kind Regards, Humanastory. ?
  19. Can this be used to have the member fill out a questionnaire that will create a topic under a category in the forums?
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