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  1. Of course! --- [Update] Cleared cache AND re-saved settings still receiving the error.
  2. Bug report has not been updated for 4.4! I am receiving the following error. (error in birthday greeter 4.4!
  3. @Michael there's no breaks for you! Get to work! lol I'm just teasing.
  4. lol, I was just giving you a hard time lol. But seriously though, they seem to run fine on 4.4 (the 4.3 versions I have) but he did get with me and let me know what he was doing, he made mention he was taken a bit by surprise with the update; but he has been hustling on it so we should see some roll out soon.
  5. He'll get to them, he's pretty reliable, one of the best by my standards; Mike was just caught off guard by the sudden updates, to be fair though; all my stuff works fine in 4.4 even not having been upgraded. I'd suggest, if he is working on replies, he's not upgrading :) .
  6. I'll pause updating until you are complete. I got to many lol.
  7. Oo Now see we get my attention sometimes, I am curious about this.
  8. I have my friend! Today 10/5/18 Also.
  9. -ducks from the stuff thrown- … dig deeper!
  10. No it keeps popping up again it comes and it goes. I dont clear it.
  11. HAHA, did you just ask me if I could! lol, you know I will! You the man Mr. John.
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