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  1. This section is for bug reports for Mike to look into. I help test the stuff he puts out. That's all. Nothing to crazy.
  2. And Auto welcome doesn't welcome :(
  3. It should be sending immediately. When I brought up my tasking issue (The board wasn't tasking) they looked into it and disabled auto-welcome stating it was the culprit. I was hoping it was patching issue from previous, but it is still doing the same thing.
  4. Installed the new version for 4.5. Few issues with it one of which is the fact it will not create the topics. The User Registers 23rd Dec, 2020 Then The System Registers the New User The Settings for Auto Welcome tell it to create a new topic. And then the topic
  5. Of course! --- [Update] Cleared cache AND re-saved settings still receiving the error.
  6. Bug report has not been updated for 4.4! I am receiving the following error. (error in birthday greeter 4.4!
  7. @Michael there's no breaks for you! Get to work! lol I'm just teasing.
  8. lol, I was just giving you a hard time lol. But seriously though, they seem to run fine on 4.4 (the 4.3 versions I have) but he did get with me and let me know what he was doing, he made mention he was taken a bit by surprise with the update; but he has been hustling on it so we should see some roll out soon.
  9. He'll get to them, he's pretty reliable, one of the best by my standards; Mike was just caught off guard by the sudden updates, to be fair though; all my stuff works fine in 4.4 even not having been upgraded. I'd suggest, if he is working on replies, he's not upgrading :) .
  10. I'll pause updating until you are complete. I got to many lol.
  11. Oo Now see we get my attention sometimes, I am curious about this.
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