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Due to a family and medical emergency, support has been delayed and will be delayed for the next few weeks. I'm sorry for those who have been waiting and will try my hardest to reply to everyone as soon as possible.


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  1. Thanks you very much Michael!! Have a nice day/evening. :rolleyes:
  2. Hello Michael and group... I was wondering how did you make your product page? Is it a mod or hard core coding? ;-) Also, I notice a tag cloud after all these months. What is the easiest way to put one up on your portal page? Just FYI again, I use a speech recogntion program because of my disability and sometimes it does not pick up the correct words/codes/pharses and then I will be stump until someone can help me out with this. Sometimes it takes step by step instructions or one letter at a time for the speech recogntion "progie" to work and spels out correctly! :-( Take it easy and hope to hear from ya! TIA
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