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  1. NewToAllThis

    Garage System (Autocomplete)

  2. NewToAllThis

    Garage System v3.2.0

    I can drag within the custom fields, but I'd like to drag one of the custom fields into the area where the preset fields are. As an example, dragging a custom field right underneath "Vehicle Owner" If you don't mind, a template edit would be great - i've never done one before, so if you dont mind putting together quick steps that would be helpful You hit the nail on the head...I actually didn't know I had to do that...you just helped me across a few hooks I went back and updated into my custom skin - unbelievably helpful!!! Thank you so much for your reply - again, sincerest apologies for the double post!
  3. NewToAllThis

    Garage System v3.2.0

    Michael, Great mod, my members use it quite often. Some items When adding a Custom Field, I'd like to be able to leave Field Description blank - currently won't allow it would also be valuable if I could move this Custom Field higher in the list amongst the standard fields [*]I'm unable to view the "Garage Stats" similiar to the photo you posted on http://www.devfuse.com/products/62-garage-system/ (3 photo from the left) [*]"my_vehicles" is showing up instead of "My Vehicles" If you need to see my Garage for the stats and format, http://www.gmc4x4.com/garage/
  4. NewToAllThis

    Garage System (Autocomplete)

    Works great and looks good!
  5. NewToAllThis

    IP.Board 3.4 Upgrade Status

    Thanks Michael for keeping us up-to-date! I'm a big fan of your Garage system and so are my users, I look forward to the update.
  6. NewToAllThis

    Garage System (Extended Vehicle Stats)

    Looks great - works perfectly!