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  1. Yep, that seems to have worked! Thanks. Great support as always :-).
  2. That's wasn't my reply but the issues are identical :-) No customised template bits or css files, as collections is concerned but I suspect it's got something to do with ipsCarousel_item class.
  3. I've just updated IPS to 4.3.2 and updated the Collections app accordingly. However, I've instantly come across a couple of issues: 1) Featured Cars carousel seems to be broken and just displays a list of cars, while messing up the layout (both on mobile and on PC) 2) New Cars list works fine up until approx 800 px wide window, when it switches to super-extra-wide thumbnails Example: https://www.205gtidrivers.com/garage/ I can see that the second issue is caused by the first one and the broken layout that it creates, so it will be a simple fix, I guess. additionally 3) I've tried disabling the Featured Items list option in order to check if it will sort out the layout problem but it didn't respond to it - still shows featured items. P.S. The issue are the same in the OEM theme and the one I'm using, so it's not that. Thanks.
  4. Hi, sorry just seen this. Have you managed to figure this out in the meantime or do you still need access to my board? Thanks.
  5. Hi, any updates on this plugin? :)
  6. Hmm, which patch? The original patch has sorted out the Topic View Hook issue but we're talking about something else here now. But there's a much bigger problem now, check my latest bug report :(. https://www.devfuse.com/forums/bugs/collections/resetting-all-fields-on-edit-r45/
  7. Sadly, I've come across another huge issue. When an item is edited, all the fields (except the short description, I think) get reset to the default set value. Additionally, when I edit a car, I can't choose from all the model options available.
  8. I need to do it every so often when I'm replacing broken Photobucket pics. So... there's no easy fix?
  9. Ah yes, so it's RebuildImageProxy.php causing it. Here's what IPS said about it: This is because the Image Proxy Rebuild task is application agnostic, and will perform adjustments on anything an application defines as a content item. For that application, it defines the data in that table as content. If this is undesirable, then I would recommend contacting the author of that application.
  10. The only thing I've done in the meantime was to disable https image recaching, which required some posts to be rebuilt... I've now once again removed the tags, so we'll see what happens now and what triggers it.
  11. I edited the <p> tags out in the DB but soon enough they've returned. What could be causing this?!
  12. I've now run the script and it has fixed the topic view hook, thanks! It's just that it's always in plural, e.g. "1 Cars" ;). Any thoughts on the <p> issue? Should I just clean it up in the db itself?
  13. I haven't yet run this patch as I've been installing SSL certificate and rebuilding whatever IPS system wanted me to rebuild to support SSL but I've now noticed that all of a sudden there's an error with Vehicle naming - the titles gained paragraph tags? https://www.205gtidrivers.com/garage/ However, a car that has been added today doesn't have them, so it seems that it somehow happened retroactively for the existing items. Any idea why?
  14. OK, I will do it soon and let you know the outcome. P.S. Just to check if there would perhaps be a mysql command that could be run in ssh or phpmyadmin instead?
  15. How many is too many? :) I've got 837 at the moment. I assume I only need to run that code only once and then remove it?
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