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  1. Hello, I have a few questions about Collections. 1. When an image is uploaded and resized according to the settings in this application, does it remove the original and only save the resized image? I used a similar Garage plugin on a vB4 forum and all originals were saved, resulting in demand for large storage space (several GB). I don't want to have to deal with this again. 2. In a forum post, you can click 'Insert other media - Insert existing attachment' and you can select from previous Post Attachments or Gallery Images. Can you also easily insert a Collections image like this?
  2. This is a list of table in the database. That doesn't probably help much without the field information gor the tables. The most important info to transfer is vehicle and modification information and images. garage_blocks garage_business garage_categories garage_clubs garage_club_member garage_colors garage_country garage_currency garage_dynoruns garage_engine_type garage_events garage_front_categories garage_front_veh_cat garage_fuel_images garage_fuel_track garage_garage_combined garage_generation garage_guestbooks garage_images garage_image_comments garage_laps garage_makes garage_models garage_modifications garage_permissions garage_premiums garage_premium_type garage_products garage_quartermiles garage_ratings garage_rewrite_rules garage_service_history garage_service_type garage_special_track garage_tracks garage_trims garage_user_vehicle garage_vehicle_classes garage_views garage_wishlists The other Garage app is this one: http://www.drivethruonline.com/products/dto_garage.php Not sure which is more popular but that one has a lot less features.
  3. I purchased your addon for a new site and am now looking to convert another site from vB4 to IPS. The site has a garage based on the VB Pro Garage addon: http://saabworld.net/garage/ Is there a way to convert that data and images to this Garage application? One of the features in that addon I really like is the fuel tracking. http://saabworld.net/garage-fuel-tracking/ Perhaps an idea for future functionality in this garage application?
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