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  1. (M32) Auto Birthday Greeter v1.2.0

    ok you can close the topic , i've taken the curl command , disable the task in the PCA and set a cron command ;)
  2. Customize font for administrators.

    Hello in your PCA "MEMBES GROUPS"> Manage members group > clic on your staff's group > 3rd field ( Prefix ) you have a colour in a html format , erase the actual color code by what you want !! It's done ;)
  3. Hello !! Sorry for my English ;) I ve a little problem with planified task for this mod , when a set the task's execution every mininuts , members receive the mp , a topic is created , but if i set the execution just one time per day at 00h05 for exemple the task doesn't match !! And if i push the button , all is ok !! I don't understand i had to reinstall the mod , but the problem is same !! Someone can help me please ? Thks :)
  4. I need shoutbox

    Hello , You can try it here !! http://invisionfocus.com/files/file/9-global-forum-message/