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  1. Looks like member groups that have permissions to edit and delete images but not moderator permissions cannot edit or delete their collection item's images. In the template: front -> browse -> imageRow: {{if $table->canModerate()}} The above is used and likely is preventing the cog wheel with these options to not be available to a common user without moderation permission.
  2. Is the below one you're talking about? Tried to submit a ticket but am getting a 403 error. Get the below for users who do not have moderator permissions when accessing a collections item: Error: Access to undeclared static property: IPS\collections\Category::$contentItemClass (0)
  3. Awesome work! Any ETA on collections?
  4. Just wondering if there is any update on this? Want to thank you for this as it is a crucial part of my community :)
  5. Anything I can do to help move the Garage System along :D
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