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  1. >_> if only i still had an ip.board license.
  2. So guys what do you think about IPB 4.0? I think its coming along quite well. For those of you not familiar with it go here: http://zend.ipsdevserver.com/ips4/
  3. Wheres my gifts everyone :/ - bring it up....
  4. that would be quite hard to do, what is your host? Depending on who it is you would be able to edit a php.ini file to increase the filesize input.
  5. Well you are now able to remove the sidebars via settings. IF the problem persists you will need to reduce the character count of the titles and reduce the thumbnails sizes, and if you are still having problems there, you will need to edit the css of main_thumb_block manually and set a width so it complies and forces a width for the entire block.
  6. Thats what im thinking, i want to wait for IPS to have their design implementation out so that i can see what possible methods i can use to improve the Videos system's look. So we can start then.
  7. I actually have a design concept that i want to implement so if you want some info on that ill be glad to assist.
  8. Go ahead man, I just want to help you out as much as possible, if you need help with the design just tell me. -__-: my computer is just slowly depleting in quality, so i might be a bit slow.
  9. Please elaborate or give me a screenshot.... On another note will this be affected when upgrading to IPB 4.0? because that editor looks slick
  10. This is a nice setup when customizing: http://prntscr.com/18jbt1 http://prntscr.com/18jbwz -------- sadly I have to re-design ths every time i got through an update (if its major)
  11. People usually have these huge white spaces for sponsored ads that goes as "sidebar" backgrounds. other reasons are for compatibiity with the content they have.(Thumbnails, pictures, etc...), so it would all be aligned.
  12. The question I have for that is why do you have a screen that small? The majority of people are now using 15" or higher screens with resolutions of 1366x768 and higher. And for tablets shouldn't it be in mobile view?
  13. Yes remove: ipsLayout_withright ipsLayout_bigright and to avoid a big confusion when using revisions for upgrade i would just replace: <div class='ipsLayout_right'> to <div class='ipsLayout_right hide'>
  14. And now im a lifeguard for the summer working 40 hours a week -_-. The work never ends.
  15. nope :|. Srry man, It's the foruth quarter of my school and im just studying like hell -__-
  16. Is there a way to bulk change this option: http://prntscr.com/y6czk Also i found out how to use javascript players on Videos system :|
  17. well the bar is the branding bar. Right around here: <!-- ::: BRANDING STRIP: Logo and search box ::: --> <div id='sc-branding'> </div> <if test="accessreports:|:$this->memberData['is_mod'] OR !empty($this->memberData['access_report_center']) || ($this->memberData['g_access_cp'] AND !$this->settings['security_remove_acp_link'])"> <div id='sc-bottombar' class='clearfix'> <div class='sc-width'>
  18. what do you mean hook point? - sorry for not knowing what you mean, my school studies get mixed up with my knowledge of IPB and other software, so can you tell me? [i used to know so much of IPB and vBulletin, now im getting limited]
  19. i re-designed a theme for my site and i need to do this: I'm using the quotes system and I would like to make quotes appear in the middle of that Grey Bar. How would I do this?
  20. Can this be extended to the Global Videos Box and Members box, because guests cant see the the thumbnails and link.
  21. make sure to check at it regularly they make fixes at time and update the files.
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