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  1. Hi Michael, it's fine for me to know that you have it in your mind..... Thanks again for your great support!
  2. The format shouldn't be the problem. We are a biker community with our own videos so we can use .mov, .m4v or whatever is needed.
  3. I would like to know if there is a chance to save own video files on the server and integrate them in the video system. In the new Video System it is possible to upload files but e.g. only a 10MB big file. I would like to save the files directly via FTP and then integrate this file in the Video System
  4. Hello Michael, I installed the later version for my IPB 3.2 and had just a new user in the validating group. I checked him and switched him manually now to the members group - when does the app now sends out all the communication and creates the topic within the shout box and forum? Can I also push the trigger manually? Thanks for your support !
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