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  1. ucjohn

    [XPD] Closing Reason as Post

    to bad this isn't updated for 4.1
  2. ucjohn

    [Forms] Will it work?

    That would be helpful as a fellow Developer claims there isn't enough document to update his "Application System" so if this will work then I can push forward with purchasing it.. Feel free to message me direct etc.. Sincerely, John
  3. ucjohn

    [Forms] Will it work?

    Sorry for 2 duplicate posts.
  4. ucjohn

    [Forms] Will it work?

    Hello, I'm curious will your Form application work for creating a "Recruitment" Application or "Ban Appeal" Form or "etc"? Before we carry on and purchase it we want more detailed information as the screenshots don't really show full potential.
  5. ucjohn

    Video: live streaming block?

    Twitch.TV also has this.. https://github.com/kokarn/Twitch-oEmbed But it sucks since the live streaming app isn't being updated due to the dev being away military deployment another option as a backup would be great.
  6. ucjohn

    Portal Layout?

    That picture is from Wordpress but I'm using IPB 4.1
  7. ucjohn

    Portal Layout?

    Hello, Micheal sorry to bother you is there a way you can make layouts different? I'm really wanting to stick with portal as it's more my speed. I want the layout to look like: Maybe willing to pay for different layout options unless it's controlled by theme.
  8. ucjohn


    Thanks it took a bit to figure it out I'm still getting used to IPB 4 everything is backwards to me lol
  9. ucjohn


    I'm curious in IPB 4 how do I change the name "Portal" to say home nothing else...
  10. ucjohn

    IP.Board 4 Upgrade Status

    I'm also able to beta test also.