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  1. Madinmex

    Video renewal

    Many thanks, I have renewed my subscription. I see in down loads the only one I am offered is 3.1.5. which in brackets is for IPB 4. How do I get the 3.4 version ? Sorry I see the 3.0.4 version below.. All resolved
  2. Madinmex

    Video renewal

    Unfortunately I have been hospitalised since my expiry of the video system. That site has now closed. I have started another forum and would like to know (due to the time gap) if I am still entitled to the annual renewal $20 or have I to purchase the full amount again. I am using the 3.4 IP board, I take it I can still download that ( I lost the download when I closed my previous forum) Thanks in anticipation Madinmex
  3. Madinmex


    Sorry to post here but my client area will not allow this question. I have been hospitalized for 6 weeks and just received my renewal (I'm a lone operator) Obviously I am late for renewal. My Q. is do I just pay the renewal or am I regarded as a new customer ? Many thanks
  4. Madinmex

    Videos System v2.3.0 Update

    I have returned to IPB after a short absence. Due to the ongoing updates (IPB) and other personal reasons I never got to finish and open my forum. I have now re installed 3.3.1. and recently renewed my subs for videos. Prior to my absence I had no problems. I have Vimeo plus and am having problems installing the videos. I get no thumbnail and when I open the the standard diagram in the video bar all I get is the URL. I have no problem with youtube. I know Vimeo has done a lot of re vamping. I cannot see where I am going wrong (if indeed it is my fault) I have the latest VS 2.3.0 Any suggestions please ?
  5. Madinmex

    IP.Board Portal development

    Have to admit I'm in much the same boat (Although I do realize paid mods come first :thumbsup: )
  6. Madinmex


    Thanks Michael, much the wiser now..
  7. Madinmex


    Michael I do have version 2.1 (video ) already installed from a while back. I see you have updated the application. The only bug I had was the URL within video bar. I take it that this addresses this bug ? I know there was a patch but as i am not online yet I thought I would wait untill you had updated. Do I just add the latest download as usual, overwriting the previous upload or do I have to uninstall the previous version ? Thanks...
  8. Madinmex

    Videos System v2.1 upgrade

    Thanks, and sorry I missed that.
  9. Madinmex

    Videos System v2.1 upgrade

    Michael, I take it that the videos shown in the board videos (at the top) are not meant to be clickable ? They do show as a link but when clicked ...nothing. However the videos shown in the sidebar do actually link to youtube (or whatever) Just want to verify that, that is how it is meant to be. Thanks.......
  10. Madinmex

    Video system..

    Ordered and received the video system last night. Forgot that it was being updated this weekend, thankfully I've the 2.1. Haven't had much time to go though everything yet but so far it exceeds all that I was hoping for :thumbsup: and no need to implement changes to extra skins. Great app Michael :yes:
  11. Madinmex

    Hi Michael

    Thanks Michael, will be on to it soon.
  12. Madinmex

    Hi Michael

    (First thanks for the many free apps you have created) I am very interested in the video system. When purchased I take it we can try on my test board first (I am assuming the system is licensed for only one site) The second point is will it work on all skins ? Thanks ....