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  1. Hello Michael, Here's a few suggestion which I think would improve Forms. For Address field, give us a way to set default country. I am in Canada but United Kingdom is selected by default in the dropdown list when the form is displayed. Make fields with options (checkbox set, radio, drop lists) localizable. On a multilingual forum it is currently not possible to enter per language options on those field. Add option on fields to have the description appear above the field value.
  2. There is an easy workaround for the "required" option on checkboxes. I used a checkbox set instead. That will do what I need................done deal.
  3. Thanks Michael. I will let you know how things go.
  4. Anything new on this Michael ? I would like to get going this week if at all possible
  5. If you don't mind I would appreciate that. There is a few things I need to try to see if it can do the job for us.
  6. Hello Michael, I need to create a form with a checkbox at the bottom that the user is required to tick before he can submit the form. This will be a "I confirm that blah blah blan and agree to blah blah blah". Can this be done with the Forms app ?
  7. Sorry, I did not know. Thx Michael, I think my community members will appreciate the feature.
  8. This morning I posted a suggestion for Collections in this forum...............now it's not there. Has it been moved, deleted or am I posting in a virtual community while sleeping ?
  9. I would be nice if this was integrated into Invision's reputations system. I use Collections as replacement for the old Garage app. The star rating on vehicles is nice but having "Like" buttons on vehicles and modifications would be a nice thing. They should add points to the vehicle owner's reputation and appear as "Vehicle" and "Modification" in the users reputation activity under "Collections", along with "Item comments" that is already there. I don't know if extra coding is required but they would obviously be included in the new Leaderboard counts
  10. Thanks Michael, I'll keep an eye on things and see how it develops.
  11. Hi Michael, Form Manager looks like a product we could possibly use but from what I can see in your images, when the form is shown to a user, the fields are laid vertically in a single collum. We use fillable pdf forms for a few things in our organization and we'd love to integrate this in our Invision suite but some of them have many fields and simply having them in a list would not be practicle. We need to be able to group things in boxes and lay fields both vetically and horizontally. In a nutshell, we would need to have the same flexibility in laying out forms as we do by creating pdf's. Is there a tool in form central to create a Template or something to design the form ? And if not, would you consider adding it ? Another option that would make it the ultimate tool for us is to be able to link the forum to a package in IP.Nexus and automatically create a purchase/invoice in the user's Nexus account. Edit: Another question, would there be any possible to add permissions control on fields ? The purpose of this would be to create "Reserved for internal use" sections on forms.
  12. I'll be happy to help with the garage.
  13. Version 1.00


    Traduction fran
  14. Michael do you plan on adding support for remotely hosted pictures at some point ? I have a very small forum, hosted with one of IPB's Community packages and my disc space is very limited, I can't allow my members to upload pictures.
  15. Hi, I have 3 questions. Can pictures be on a remote server or can they only be uploaded ? Can the administrator limite the size and number of uploaded pictures ? Is there a French translation available somewhere ? Thanks
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