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  1. highlander

    ckeditor not loading

    After the upgrade to 3.4.2 ckeditor is not loading or is missing from the fast reply and reply boxes..... Anywhere i should look?
  2. I want to remove it from a topic reply notification....
  3. Just wondering. I can't find an option to remove the posted text when a user gets a notification. My guess is that this is done on the skin templates, but where? if there is another option I would love to know. Thanks
  4. That one works, but..... Its just the calendar.. I rather have the list like you tried before.... IPB has a hook for it for the sidebar. Wish to port that one. I'm going to play with this for a bit.
  5. Anyone... I just want the list of the upcoming calendar events in the uportal block. just like the one in the sidebar!
  6. highlander

    Site Improvement Ideas

    more custom work
  7. Any updates to this?
  8. highlander

    uPortal image resize issue

    Thanks... entered 640, we'll see how it goes!!!!
  9. highlander

    uPortal image resize issue

    Were you able to check? Thanks a bunch!!!!!
  10. no forthcoming calendar events... OH god!!! this ipb is like android!!! jajajaja
  11. Any way to make a calendar uportal block? or upcoming events that appear on the uportal block?
  12. highlander

    uPortal image resize issue

    Done... Group format now accurately appears on uportal!!!!!!!!!
  13. highlander

    uPortal image resize issue

    Yes you still have access... currently fixing all the stuff for uportal and group color mod!!! oh god... Try to do a test with photobucket which is what I use and what most people use!
  14. highlander

    uPortal image resize issue

    hm..... no worky :(