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  1. So, your Forms install instructions are missing all of the images because "Tinypic" says it's no longer available.  (Might want to host those pics on your own devfuse.com images directory in the future, but it's causing me issue because I needed these instructions.

    I can't get my "Contact Us" form to show on my main forum page and Needed to see if I was doing something wrong via the instructions -- or if I need to make a forum post about it to get some help.  

  2. I am willing to do file edits, no problem. My primary desire is for "Regular Users" to be promoted to "Donors" but still retain "Regular User" as a secondary group. We don't have so many admins that I can manually do their group modifications by hand if they donate.....(my second Request above in the OP -- which isn't necessary so you can ignore that one)
  3. Screenshot - 9_18_2015 , 10_06_48 AM.png]
  4. I am probably doing something wrong/silly.....but when someone donates, they are generally part of the "Regular Users" group.....(although we do have some admins who donate).....what I want to do is this: 1. If a regular user donates, I want their primary group to be donor, but I want their secondary group to be Regular User even if there's already a secondary group (we have an adult section to our site where there's a group for that as well). 2. If an admin, I just need "Donor" added as a secondary group How do I be sure to make this happen without losing any secondary groups?
  5. When I go to download it from my "customer" section, it says: "Last Updated: 8th September 2011"
  6. You said "Yeah one issue with the auto reset function holding me back, won't be too much longer." -- was this resolved too or still needing working on....
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