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  1. And I take this topic to determine if it's normal that I can't edit (from administration panel) the content of custom fields ? Admin edit : http://hpics.li/ffc319c Public edit : http://hpics.li/b3125f2 Of course I can edit my own listing on the public part but so I can not fully edit the records of my members from the administration?
  2. Thank you for this proposal. But, unless I am mistaken, with "Garage System", I don't think it's possible to add a custom field ("mileage" in this case) into "modifications". I believe that only the "vehicle" record can receive custom fields... And in the case of monitoring maintenance step by step it seems essential to me. What I ask is actually quite close to http://www.spritmonitor.de/fr/detail/463315.html A class of modifications for fuel, another for maintenance, another for tires changes etc...
  3. Hello, I currently use Garage System and I plan to migrate to Collections System. Indeed, I would use the "modifications" differently. The basic idea would be to add the "mileage" field into modifications. In this way, the system could perhaps be used as a vehicle maintenance log. Personally I find this interesting idea, especially as many members sell their vehicle in the community (allow traceability from the chassis number, etc.). For this purpose, "Collections System" would be more suited to my needs ? Thank you in advance, apologize for my English and wish you a good day.
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