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  1. Problem with fluid width setting and mobile view. Open admin cp > theme editor > forumlogos > front > global > forumLogo Find: {{if !$forum->forumLogo->forum_logo_fluid}}width=" Replace With: {{if $forum->forumLogo->forum_logo_fluid}}width="100%"{{else}}width=" Save.
  2. Thanks for letting me know, should be fixed now.
  3. I'm just logging another bug report for another problem. I'm sorry for the delay on the ticket, I should have a patch soon.
  4. Video widget should check if member can view any of the categories and view video group permissions.
  5. It shouldn't be still running once done but just add a check to make sure the database field exists. IPS\Db\Exception::1054 SELECT * FROM `x_utf_core_members` AS `core_members` WHERE member_id>40735 AND donate_donations>0 ORDER BY member_id ASC LIMIT 0,50 Unknown column 'donate_donations' in 'where clause' #0 /home/hellsgamers/public_html/system/Db/Select.php(383): IPS\_Db->preparedQuery() #1 /home/hellsgamers/public_html/system/Db/Select.php(441): IPS\Db\_Select->runQuery() #2 [internal function]: IPS\Db\_Select->rewind() #3 /home/hellsgamers/public_html/applications/donate/extensions/core/Queue/membersLegacyField.php
  6. I've just released an update for this plugin with a new IP.Board 4.6.x specific option to disable friendly number formatting system wide. It will still work with previous IP.Board 4.5 or earlier versions but for new versions will now offer an option to disable friendly formatting. https://www.devfuse.com/products/112-friendly-number-format/
  7. It sounds like you want to remove friendly number support or adjust it differently?
  8. Double check this and add autoplay support so video plays straight away. (Maybe add setting)
  9. IPB ajax will still update the url even if the page doesn't reload.
  10. It doesn't look like you purchased from here, if you purchased through the IPS Marketplace, can you please PM me on that site so I can verify the purchase first.
  11. Reported issue with dark theme and categories sidebar badge. Ref Ticket #3211
  12. Sorry don't work for IPS but you can contact them directly and see if there is a problem with your account here - https://invisioncommunity.com/contact-us/
  13. Shift permissions outside of Group. e.g. \IPS\donations\GroupSettings::canDonate( $member );
  14. You can view the Portal and previous versions here - https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7330-portal/
  15. I'm sorry but IPB 3 is made end of life by IPS now. I personally haven't touched it for some years.
  16. You can view support tickets here - https://www.devfuse.com/customers/&act=support
  17. I'm going to need more information to troubleshoot this. Could you open a support ticket with your admin login details or a screenshot of the error your getting?
  18. Changed Status to Fixed
  19. Removing share links until IPS adds for nodes as well.
  20. I've disabled the Donations portion from the group copy. You will have to manually set Donation permissions when copying a group but it will remove this error until a better solution can be found.
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