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  1. I looked into this further and this is how it should function. The purchases database doesn't generate a new listing for product renewals but rather extends the expiration date on the original purchase. So it's not going to appear as a "recent purchase" because the original purchase is updated instead.
  2. Would it be possible to get a look at the type of product and renewal settings you have?
  3. Changed Status to Closed
  4. Changed Status to Fixed
  5. Different names won't be possible with out more substantial changes but here is a patch to get it to have multiple topics. Open applications/form/sources/Log/Log.php Find and copy this code. /* Create topic alert */ if( $topic = \IPS\form\Alerts::_createTopic( $this, $topicSettings, $member, $this->container(), $tags ) ) { /* Save topic id */ $this->topic = $topic; } e.g. /* Create topic alert */ if( $topic = \IPS\form\Alerts::_createTopic( $this, $topicSettings, $member, $this->container(), $tags ) ) { /* Save topic id */ $this->topic = $topic; } /* Create topic alert */ if( $topic = \IPS\form\Alerts::_createTopic( $this, $topicSettings, $member, $this->container(), $tags ) ) { /* Save topic id */ $this->topic = $topic; }
  6. No not currently. Were you looking to create identical topics or something else in mind?
  7. Rss video import is not creating topics as well.
  8. Per category custom fields is definitely going to be added in a future update. I'll have to make sure it supports the existing setup, so I'm thinking of just adding an option into the custom field to choose which categories to appear in. Regarding the wishlist suggestion, does the "mark item" feature work for this in anyway?
  9. I'll take a look and reply to your PM shortly.
  10. Yes still the plan and was being worked on in early 2019 but I had to put that on hold for most of 2019. Assuming IPB 4.5 doesn't take too much time to upgrade, it should be within the coming months.
  11. New version uploaded that patches a bug with the guest captcha.
  12. I think your after this form instead - https://www.devfuse.com/forums/forms/7-custom-request/ The Donations app doesn't currently support Neteller but if you want a custom gateway created for it, it would be quite a bit more then $10 USD to create. Payment gateways typically require a lot of work and testing to build.
  13. Saved for a future version. Will be handy if changes are made to the topic template.
  14. Michael

    Default log message

    Changed Status to Fixed
  15. Changed Status to Fixed
  16. Do you have any customization in your news template bits that weren't reverted when you updated? Should be showing now in the news entry.
  17. Remove getItemsWithPermission function from postSource hook. Not needed and causing errors it seems. When your quoting a reply, it includes the post comments header section.
  18. Should allow " Number of main topics? " setting to accept zero so people can place blocks in main widget area without displaying latest topics if they want.
  19. Michael

    Repeating pictures

    This looks to be a bug, I've attached a patch you can apply but unfortunately this will only correct future new entries. You'll need to remove all previous images and new ones will now be fixed. Open applications/news/sources/News/News.php Find: parent::processAfterCreate( $comment, $values ); Add BELOW: /* Save attachments */ \IPS\File::claimAttachments( 'createNews', $this->nid, NULL, 'message' ); Save. If you need help applying the patch, let me know.
  20. Purchase Notifications Send inline notifications to members for some purchase actions in the Commerce application. For example if a new purchase is generated or if a purchase has expired. View more - https://www.devfuse.com/products/128-purchase-notifications/
  21. Expired Purchase Followup Send followup personal messages after a Commerce purchase has expired. Send up to 5 followups with options for which day to send, pm author, title and message with quick tag support. View more - https://www.devfuse.com/products/127-expired-purchase-followup/
  22. Mark Topic Prefix Allow members to quickly choose from a global list of prefixes to add to topics. Set which forums are supported, which member groups can mark all topics and if marking locks a topic. View more - https://www.devfuse.com/products/126-mark-topic-prefix/
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