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  1. On 6/23/2021 at 5:19 PM, hellreturn said:

    thanks! Renewed application from this site. How do i update it on my website? I always get redirected to marketplace from ACP. 

    Is your application listed as "custom" in the admin cp? There should be an option to upgrade as a custom app rather then needing to purchase through the ips marketplace.

  2. On 6/20/2021 at 3:05 AM, hellreturn said:

    Hi Michael.. I hope you are doing good. Any possibility of good news? 

    I'm going to wrap up the IPB 4.6 update much quicker then IPB 4.5 took. I'm traveling a bit at the same time right now though, so I'm more likely to be able to focus on new features again towards the end of the year.

  3. Like previous versions of the IP.Board 4.x series, I'll be checking for any issues, updating where needed and confirming compatibility with the new release of IP.Board 4.6.x.

    Bugs & New Features
    As with previous updates, I can't focus on both compatibility and adding new features and bugs. There are a few exceptions that I'll note in the release notes but the majority are just compatibility with IP.Board 4.6.x.

    Update List

    1. Donations
    2. Videos
    3. Forms
    4. Collections
    5. Birthday Greeter
    6. Messages
    7. SortBy Most Reactions
    8. Lazy Load Videos
    9. Who Followed Permissions
    10. Limit Emoticons Allowed
    11. Announcement Enhancements
    12. Deal Topics
    13. Sidebar Poll
    14. News
    15. Auto Merge Exclusions
    16. Unique Profile Fields
    17. Geolocation Firewall
    18. Profile Photos & Covers
    19. Random Logos
    20. External Links
    21. Donate Sidebar
    22. Topic Video
    23. Auto Welcome
    24. Basic Points
    25. Portal
    26. Guest Message
    27. Forum Logos
    28. Enhanced Status Updates Widget
    29. Mark Topic Prefix
    30. Calendar Topics
    31. Condensed Default Stream View
    32. Contact Us Captcha
    33. Copyright Removal
    34. Download Post Images
    35. Highlight Linked Posts
    36. Topic Header
    37. Forum Moderators
    38. Topic Meta Description
    39. Followed Content Last Post
    40. Followed Content Sorting
    41. Moderate Updated Content
    42. Reported Content Search
    43. Moderator Notifications
    44. Secondary Group Display
    45. Members Teams
    46. Topic Icons
    47. Forum Table Header
    48. Thumbs Rating
    49. Format Tags
    50. Betting Topics
    51. Days Quit
    52. Topic Episode Format
    53. Expire PM Attachments
    54. Disable Admin Emails
    55. Downloads FTP Mirror
    56. Topic Category & Website
    57. Secondary Group Formatting
    58. Custom Profile
    59. PGN Chess Viewer
    60. Bulk Mail Our Picks
    61. Post Comments
    62. Topic Attach Thumbnails
    63. Forum Status
    64. Hold Validating Members
    65. Pages Category URL
    66. Users Homepage
    67. Video Widget
    68. Timeslips
    69. Purchase Goal
    70. Top Customers
    71. Recent Purchases
    72. Hide Product Categories
    73. Profile Fields Group Change
    74. Reply Post Template
    75. Purchase Notifications
    76. Customer Rewards
    77. New Purchase PM
    78. New Member Follow-up
    79. Expired Purchase Followup
    80. Forum Adverts
    81. Text Adverts
    82. Live Topics
    83. Notify Leaderboard Members
    84. Auto Lock Topics
    85. Advertise By Country
    86. Friendly Number Format

    Not Yet Started | Checked & Updated | Obsolete in IP.Board 4.6.x

  4. 10 hours ago, Oldcrow said:

    Do you have any ideas if this can be setup in Donations. Right now I have it in Commerce under Subscriptions

    The best way would be through the Member Rewards section in the admin cp. This can promote a member to the donator group for x amount of time. Let me know if you need further help setting this up.

  5. On 2/10/2021 at 11:59 PM, M3ssi said:

    Hey, I'm using IPB 4.5.1 And i've uploaded Donations 3.4.3 And it doesn't work at all
    I see there are a new update to them app, But i couldn't pay is there any other ways? @Michael

    I apologies for the delay in getting back to you. It doesn't look like you've purchased this product from me?

  6. On 1/12/2021 at 12:44 PM, WCSG said:

    Is your portal software done for 4.5?  I just upgraded to 4.5 and when I click "install" it takes me to a weird page.

    What kind of error are you getting? It's an IPS exclusive app, so only available from the marketplace right now.

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