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  1. 22 hours ago, hellreturn said:

    3 months later - any update bud? - Thank you :) 

    PS We have been awaiting for this feature since almost 1 year now :( 

    I'm sorry but it's probably going to be a bit longer. I've had a lot of personal distractions the last few months with a big move.

    I have added some bonus time to your subscription so your not paying for renewals while waiting.

  2. On 6/5/2019 at 9:01 PM, MrFierceGod said:

    again, i fully understand this is a free resource and appreciate all you are doing for it 

    Still not good enough ;) There's been quite a delay for a lot of people and I do apologies you've had to wait so long. I'll get in contact soon with some test patches I've looked into.

  3. 17 hours ago, hellreturn said:

    Definitely need some of your magic to get it working... i have it enabled by default.  it was always enabled by default. 

    Can you let me know the exact version of IPB your using and I'll double check first. Failing that, I will probably need board and ftp access to troubleshoot further.

  4. On 4/2/2019 at 11:40 AM, hellreturn said:

    Yes both are latest versions. Status updates are enabled.  Please see below screenshot. I am unable to figure out the issue. 

    Just to confirm, they are enabled by default for new signups? What do you have for the following?


  5. On 3/26/2019 at 11:52 AM, hellreturn said:

    I enabled the status update and after that this user joined and he has no welcome message on status update -  

    Are you using the latest versions of IPB and Auto Welcome app? Does that member have status updates enabled? If by default status updates are disabled for new members, the auto welcome app detects that and prevents a status update being posted.

  6. On 3/22/2019 at 10:48 PM, kev collins said:

    On calendar topics would it be possible to select the forum you want the topic to post to rather than a preset forum. 

    Not currently but this is a long suggested feature and should be included in a future feature update.

  7. All apps and plugins should now be released and available for download both here and the IPS Marketplace. Thanks for everyone's patience.

    The Collections app also received some bug fixes. And the Basic Points app received some new features. The remainder fixes either critical errors or implemented some performance improvements that IPB 4.4.x recommends.

    Please report any bugs you encounter in the bug tracker.  I'm also interesting in new feature suggestions as well.

  8. 17 hours ago, sirwiz said:

    Calendar Topics is one of major plugins that i use, can you estimate time, that it will be compatible with 4.4?

    I'll prioritize this app for you. Should be released within the next few days.

    19 minutes ago, Saurabhjain said:

    When I am trying to download the videos - it is still for 4.3

    The Videos was checked and updated but I have not packaged it up and release it yet. That should be done within the next day or two.

  9. IP.Board 4.4.x will require more substantial changes than the v4.2 and v4.3 updates required. So I will be going through all my applications and plugins to confirm compatibility and fix issues where needed. As it stands, I expect most of my major applications and some plugins will require new updates to be compatible with IP.Board 4.4.x.

    Compatibility Issues
    Several applications and a few plugins have critical errors in IP.Board 4.4.x. Primarily major applications that store content items like videos and the collections apps for example. The remainder have had some performance improvements that IPB 4.4.x recommends applied to them. I've checked over the basic functionality of each app or plugin to make sure there were no remaining issues with IP.Board 4.4.x.

    Bugs & New Features
    As with previous updates, I can't focus on both compatibility and adding new features and bugs. There are a few exceptions that I'll note in the release notes but the majority are just compatibility with IP.Board 4.4.x.

    Update List

    1. Advertise By Country                                                  
    2. Auto Lock Topics                                                      
    3. Auto Merge Exclusions                                                 
    4. Auto Welcome                                                          
    5. Basic Points                                                          
    6. Betting Topics                                                        
    7. Birthday Greeter                                                      
    8. Bulk Mail Our Picks                                                   
    9. Calendar Topics                                                       
    10. Collections                                                            
    11. Copyright Removal                                                     
    12. Customer Rewards                                                      
    13. Days Quit                                                             
    14. Deal Topics                                                           
    15. Donate Sidebar                                                        
    16. Donations                                                             
    17. Download Post Images                                                  
    18. Downloads FTP Mirror                                                  
    19. Enhanced Status Updates Widget                                        
    20. Expire PM Attachments                                                 
    21. External Links                                                        
    22. Followed Content Last Post                                            
    23. Format Tags                                                           
    24. Forms                                                                 
    25. Forum Adverts                                                         
    26. Forum Logos                                                           
    27. Forum Status                                                          
    28. Forum Table Header                                                    
    29. Friendly Number Format                                                
    30. Geolocation Firewall                                                  
    31. Guest Message                                                         
    32. Highlight Linked Posts                                                
    33. Hold Validating Members                                                                                               
    34. Limit Emoticons Allowed                                           
    35. Live Topics                                                           
    36. Members Teams                                                         
    37. Messages                                                            
    38. Moderate Updated Content                                              
    39. New Member Follow-up                                                  
    40. New Purchase PM                                                       
    41. News                                                                  
    42. Pages Category URL                                                    
    43. PGN Chess Viewer                                                      
    44. Portal                                                                
    45. Profile Fields Group Change                                           
    46. Profile Photos & Covers                                               
    47. Purchase Goal                                                         
    48. Random Logos                                                                                                                 
    49. Recent Purchases                                                      
    50. Reply Post Template                                                   
    51. Secondary Group Display                                               
    52. Sidebar Poll                                                          
    53. Text Adverts                                                          
    54. Thumbs Rating                                                         
    55. Timeslips                                                             
    56. Top Customers                                                         
    57. Topic Attach Thumbnails                                               
    58. Topic Category & Website                                              
    59. Topic Episode Format                                                  
    60. Topic Icons                                                           
    61. Topic Video                                                           
    62. Unique Profile Fields                                                 
    63. ********Users Homepage********                                                        
    64. Videos                                                                
    65. Who Followed Permissions
    66. Lazy Load Videos (Lazy load of videos now included by default)
    67. Rebuild Tools (Option to rebuild existing images included by default)    

    Not Yet Started | Packaged & Released | Checked & Updated | Obsolete in IP.Board 4.4.x

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