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Bug Comments posted by Michael

  1. Quote

    However if say you set it up to renew in 30 days time, When that renewal takes place it does not show in the recent purchases but does increase the bar and the received amount

    I looked into this further and this is how it should function. The purchases database doesn't generate a new listing for product renewals but rather extends the expiration date on the original purchase. So it's not going to appear as a "recent purchase" because the original purchase is updated instead.

  2. This looks to be a bug, I've attached a patch you can apply but unfortunately this will only correct future new entries. You'll need to remove all previous images and new ones will now be fixed.

    Open applications/news/sources/News/News.php


    parent::processAfterCreate( $comment, $values );

    Add BELOW:

            /* Save attachments */
            \IPS\File::claimAttachments( 'createNews', $this->nid, NULL, 'message' );


    If you need help applying the patch, let me know.

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