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  1. Reported issue with mobile view. https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/420671-collections-support-topic/?do=findComment&comment=2814947
  2. Guests see error when viewing item and comments. Patch Open acp > theme editor > collections > front > view > comments Find: $entry->commentForm() || $entry->locked() Replace With: \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->member_id AND $entry->commentForm() || $entry->locked() Save.
  3. Michael

    Bug lang.xml

    Will be fixed next update. Thanks for letting me know.
  4. Make sure category is covered as well. Ref https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/416243-videos-support/?do=findComment&comment=2814514
  5. Can you please open a support ticket with your admin login details and I can help setup an example form - https://www.devfuse.com/customers/&act=support
  6. I'll need either admin access or a copy of your Portal blocks. One of them is likely outdated and causing issues.
  7. Can you try disabling all your portal blocks and re-enabling one by one until you find the cause? It looks like one of your portal blocks is producing the error here.
  8. Unfortunately this is not currently possible with IPB by default. You might be able to build this as a plugin but would need a bit of work if you wanted to change the topic titles throughout IPB. You can request custom work here.
  9. Add tags support. Just use Videos as template.
  10. The category auto approve is not working.
  11. Would NOT show as subscriptions are stored differently in the database as well.
  12. Issues reported when removing /videos/ from video url, still shows video page and creates duplicate. Add to furl json next update, this will redirect the duplicate url to the real one. "verify": "\\IPS\\videos\\Video"
  13. The "create topic" setting needs to be enabled to add the post reply. A bit confusing...
  14. Problems with custom furl not saving when editing a form.
  15. If the topic forum setting has a forum saved that has since been removed, there appears to be a fatal error. See if anything can do on my end...
  16. I looked into this further and this is how it should function. The purchases database doesn't generate a new listing for product renewals but rather extends the expiration date on the original purchase. So it's not going to appear as a "recent purchase" because the original purchase is updated instead.
  17. Would it be possible to get a look at the type of product and renewal settings you have?
  18. Changed Status to Closed
  19. Changed Status to Fixed
  20. Different names won't be possible with out more substantial changes but here is a patch to get it to have multiple topics. Open applications/form/sources/Log/Log.php Find and copy this code. /* Create topic alert */ if( $topic = \IPS\form\Alerts::_createTopic( $this, $topicSettings, $member, $this->container(), $tags ) ) { /* Save topic id */ $this->topic = $topic; } e.g. /* Create topic alert */ if( $topic = \IPS\form\Alerts::_createTopic( $this, $topicSettings, $member, $this->container(), $tags ) ) { /* Save topic id */ $this->topic = $topic; } /* Create topic alert */ if( $topic = \IPS\form\Alerts::_createTopic( $this, $topicSettings, $member, $this->container(), $tags ) ) { /* Save topic id */ $this->topic = $topic; }
  21. No not currently. Were you looking to create identical topics or something else in mind?
  22. Rss video import is not creating topics as well.
  23. Per category custom fields is definitely going to be added in a future update. I'll have to make sure it supports the existing setup, so I'm thinking of just adding an option into the custom field to choose which categories to appear in. Regarding the wishlist suggestion, does the "mark item" feature work for this in anyway?
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