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    Two new bugs

    Just change false to TRUE.
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    Repeating pictures

    Hi Michael, It is working fine now! Thanks for the quick help! Happy New Year! Peter
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    Noted for next release.
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    Was there anything else done? I just added a few dozen videos quickly and increased the setting but can't reproduce this still.
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    I'll confirm still as it really should check the group permission at the same time.
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    Both for the new item form and item display as well? Could you send me an export of your "collections_fields_admin" database table?
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    Beta Bugs

    2. Top donors should have support for automatic reset or a filter for current goals.
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    @GameGrunge Just confirming this as an IPB4 bug. The next Forms update won't be far away and when you update. The css files should be inserted correctly.
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    You forgot to add this again... :)
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    Form rule color selection

    Works fine for me on 3 different sites.
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    Thanks, working on Collections update now so will be patched soon.
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    I apologies, this got lost in the update and should of been re-set to "Pending". I've confirmed again and will be added next version.
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    I'll confirm for now as I want to see if I can add options to enable/disable this in a future version. In the meantime, I've replied to your support ticket regarding a temporary patch for your own use.
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    Views updating now if a video is loaded through the featured video toggle.
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    OMG, thank you... I did not see those settings at all.. ALL GOOD
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    Error with deleting pics

    What the... I could swear it wasn't there, I even tried searching for "Title". Spooky :-). Yes. That seems to have done the job! I can't believe no-one has ever tried to change a default image or delete one (from the image list panel anyway). Thanks.
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    Error with deleting pics

    Default photo fix: PHP Fatal error: Class 'IPS\collections\Item\IPS\collections\Item' not found in /x/applications/collections/sources/Item/Image.php on line 81 Replace line 81: return IPS\collections\Item::load( $this->item_id ); with return \IPS\collections\Item::load( $this->item_id );
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    IPB 4.2 features

    Make sure the "contentImages" function is added at the same time. Link it to thumbnail images.
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    It should be showing at random 5 videos, regardless of how many total videos are featured. Are all the videos you featured approved? Yes it should be auto sliding to each video, this is part of IPB itself and uses the same featured slider that features in the Downloads app for example.
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    IPB 4.2 features

    Promote is really what we are missing right now... :)
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    Vy Low

    Video Sorting doesnt work

    thank you it worked!
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    Video Sorting doesnt work

    Let me know if you have any issues with this. Manual Patch Open applications/videos/modules/front/videos/browse.php Find (first instance only): /* Set default sort */ if( !\IPS\Request::i()->sortby ) { $table->sortBy = 'date'; } Add BELOW: /* Use default category sort */ if( !\IPS\Request::i()->sortby AND ( isset( $category->options->sort_by ) AND $category->options->sort_by ) ) { $table->sortBy = $category->options->sort_by; $table->sortDirection = $category->options->sort_order; } Save.
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