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  1. Yesterday
  2. I'm sorry but it's probably going to be a bit longer. I've had a lot of personal distractions the last few months with a big move. I have added some bonus time to your subscription so your not paying for renewals while waiting.
  3. It looks like you might have adjusted this to remove the ajax pagination? Would I be able to get admin details to troubleshoot this further?
  4. Add exclusion for the ips forum account nobody@invisionpower.com
  5. Add exclusion for the ips forum account nobody@invisionpower.com
  6. 3 months later - any update bud? - Thank you :) PS We have been awaiting for this feature since almost 1 year now :(
  7. Last week
  8. Make team option on register form an optional setting.
  9. First thing I did was to use the default IPS theme. Here's what's odd. Hover over the page number you want to go to and you can see in the browser status bar it links to something like 'www.planetchristmas.com/index.php?/videos/new/&page=2'. Click the link and nothing happens. But... manually put the link in the browser URL address bar and it goes to the correct page. My head hurts.
  10. I am pretty sure this problem with custom template?
  11. Can you reproduce this with the default theme as well? I've just quickly checked with the latest versions of everything and can't reproduce this currently. Do you get the same issue with the video category page? Have you made any changes to your acp > theme editor > videos > front > browse > videoTable template bit?
  12. I have several hundred customer supplied videos: https://www.planetchristmas.com/index.php?/videos/ First video page looks fine. Try going to the next or any other page of videos and you can't. Tried on different browsers, logged in and not logged in. No change. Frustrating. Running IPB 4.4.3 Running Videos 3.3.6 Did IPB break it with the recent 4.4.3 release?
  13. Add "promote" support and any of the other ipb 4.1 or 4.2 features that were added that can quickly add.
  14. The stats widget should factor in setups without any goals. Open applications/donate/widgets/donateStats.php Find: $donationWhere[] = array( 'donate_users.status=? AND donate_goals.g_show=?', 1, 1 ); Replace With: if( \count( \IPS\donate\Goal::roots() ) ) { $donationWhere[] = array( 'donate_users.status=? AND donate_goals.g_show=?', 1, 1 ); } else { $donationWhere[] = array( 'donate_users.status=?', 1 ); } Save.
  15. Earlier
  16. Still not good enough ;) There's been quite a delay for a lot of people and I do apologies you've had to wait so long. I'll get in contact soon with some test patches I've looked into.
  17. Was there anything else done? I just added a few dozen videos quickly and increased the setting but can't reproduce this still.
  18. you told everyone that you were still moving so replies will be delayed with no set time frame as to when you would be full force again and no, i was the last one to post in the auto welcome section, so i don't see where you say a patch will be released soon i do see where you said to some one that a FTP patch could be tested but ok and looking forward to patch when ever you are free to do it again, i fully understand this is a free resource and appreciate all you are doing for it
  19. It looks like there is a reply on the IPS forums already, so I'll assume you've seen that already. I'll have a patch to test soon.
  20. @Michael Latest update after we hired a dev to look into it it is a bug if you have it set to more than 16 videos to show on discover tab, (main page), it will then start to miss align the rows after 16 but we have set it to 16, and now it is all looking good again
  21. There are some plugins out there that does this - https://www.devfuse.com/products/82-topic-icons/
  22. This is not working right for CiC at least when a member signs up using twitter, it sends a auto welcome (all the options you have enabled for the welcome) Then after they validate, it then sends another auto welcome (again, in any options you have enabled for the welcome) i understand this is a free app, but on IPS we have tried to tell you this numerous times (not only me, but others to) that the auto welcome is malfunctioning Can you plz let us know if this is unsupported or are you just working on your paid apps first?? ( i really don't want to just disable twitter as a sign up, due to lot's of members only using this option to log in and and don't want to inconvenience them as it was already hard to retain sign ups) i would like to know so i can either disable it or continue to be patient 1000's of admins use this free file, and i am sure not all are reporting the mishap as i believe this may just be a CiC issue?
  23. the video block page looks bad like the way it is
  24. Is there any way to implement topic icons into IPB?
  25. The Videos Container is broken or is not letting the videos line up right you have it set to 4 videos in rows, and currently it does this for top row, then breaks the second and last row to 3 on 3rd row > first two videos are connected instead of having space I have checked this on IPS default Theme and it still is same look Screenshot https://i.postimg.cc/mgbDdrj5/screenshot-www-fierceteam-com-2019-05-16-20-53-46.png Videos Page for my site - https://www.fierceteam.com/videos/
  26. Is this going to be updated for the errors reported on IPS??
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